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  1. Mullinax Auto Group pricing decision: X Plan pricing with PIN

    Is it just me, or did Mullinax offer anything less than MSRP? Yes, hoping no ADM's on orders placed.
  2. 📒 2022 Bronco Price List and Order Guide Released

    Maybe with the supply issues, my Bronco will end up being a 2023 with a 2.7 and manual squash... one can hope.
  3. 40 lb. Standard Load (SL) Tire vs. 48 lb. E Rated Tire

    They GRAB too much for me - slinging rocks like fireworks underneath. New Yoko MT G003's going on tomorrow for the Tremor - yes E rated - but a great soft compound. Loved them on my RAM.
  4. Dealer Called - First Edition Available - Sold for $10k over the sticker

    $10k on a First Edition looks to be a steal - that Wildtrack went for $72K+. Geez Louise -
  5. 40 lb. Standard Load (SL) Tire vs. 48 lb. E Rated Tire

    10 ply has a bad rap. I put MT's on my rigs all the time. Unless you are towing the titanic, I would never air them up to 80 - that would be kidney busters. Also depends on the tire mfg as some are more "road compliant" that others. I am particularly fond of Yoko MT G003's - waiting for my...
  6. MIC top 2 door Black Diamond leaking while parked in the rain

    My first JEEP was a hard top (2 door JK) - leaked constantly as in this one - right over the electronics and dash. Second Rubicon was a soft top - best JEEP I owned next to my '48 Willys - but it doesn't have a top. LOL
  7. Soft tops in rain?

    Can't speak for the BRONCO but soft tops rule. Not even sure why FORD didn't offer it to the 2 door folks like myself. If it's a hard top - it's got to be a one piece.
  8. MIC top 2 door Black Diamond leaking while parked in the rain

    Great concept, but it didn't work in my JEEP either. Last one was soft top and it was "water tight" - alas compared to the hard top "Freedom" top. Can someone say "t-top"?
  9. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Not mine, but identical - in SC finally. Maybe early next week.
  10. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    My "temporary" Tremor purchase is getting better every day.
  11. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    Kind of makes me glad my "temporary" Tremor Ranger will be delivered next week. With a Sept and Oct reservation date, I'm not going to see the life of my BL Bronco until late 2022 at this rate, especially with all the deadly sins.
  12. Scheduling resumes week of 8/2

    I've given up on seeing my 2 door BL Bronco until summer/fall of 2022 (Sept. 13 reservation and all the deadly sins) but can feel the pain. I pulled the rigger on a Tremor, out of the same plant, to get me by a year. 7/20 blend date and still sitting on the line. Hoping today we all get...
  13. Anyone wish Ford kept a traditional tailgate design? Think they will bring it back?

    It's got to somehow be a mfg cost issue. Look at all the SUV's produced today - I can only think of the full size RangeRover that still uses a real drop tailgate for some odd reason. Even my RR Sport is a full lift. I do wish they'd bring them back as well along with a retractable rear window...
  14. f1loco

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    But it won't be 24 hour test drive ... Sent NSB a message today ironically and Noah a message the other day (crickets).
  15. Demo near Daytona Beach

    Thanks - we are up there every weekend and sent them a message. Hoping since my order is through the Kissimmee store wheels up. ;)
  16. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    What was everyone's reservation date/numbers? Are we even close to the end of July?
  17. 2 Door Bronco decision validated

    Bronco was and always has been a 2 door vehicle - sorry - old school. Search the forum, someone just too delivery of BL SQUASH two door in carbonize grey - it's BA**. Has me rethinking my decision to go white.
  18. Sasquatch On-Road Driving Experience?

    There may be some truth to it being a better ride. Take the Ranger - it was poo on the road and ridiculed by many for ride quality. The new Tremor - off-road package - has had rave reviews about its on road prowess now. I may go test drive one as I am an early September reservation and don't...
  19. DELIVERED [14 July, 2021]

    Nice - congrats. Finally another 2 door off the line ... now, how about September reservations ...