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  1. May 27 Email Group!

    Got our email today......,. 7/26 build date !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    Colonial Ford in Danbury,ct ... just opened up their time slots ...
  3. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Order Info posted ... now the wait starts again !!!
  4. Purchasing in CT

    Just spoke with John Bowen ... He was great to talk to and answered all my questions .. Definitely moving my reservation
  5. Purchasing in CT

    I would be interested .. If we could do a group buy
  6. The Dog Thread 🐾

  7. Purchasing in CT

    Which dealer is everyone using in Ct ? I called a few Dealers to inquire about ADM and using the X Plan ... Have not gotten a straight answer from any of them