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  1. Camping Cargo Test Run

    Here is what the final product looked like this weekend. I will have to look into the self inflating mats for sure as well as camp pillows. The double burner jet boil kit would make it easy to downsize to the smaller Plano boxes. Lots to review. Just gotta keep going and re-evaluating what...
  2. How extreme are you?

    Just did 5 maybe borderline 6 this weekend in BadSquatch. A jeep group adopted me for 2 badge of honor trails (Snake and Fun Run) at Hot Springs ORV Park in Arkansas. First time doing anything like it and the Bronco did great. The jeeps wanted to winch me so bad, but it never gave them the...
  3. Camping Cargo Test Run

    All of the above I think. Wife won't camp without cot and sleeping pad, then everyone wants one.
  4. Mississippi Bronco Club

    Oh and it rides great. Extremely happy with it!
  5. Mississippi Bronco Club

    I'll have a post with details from the weekend. Pics, maybe even video. When I get back maybe we schedule a meetup of some sort.
  6. Mississippi Bronco Club

    Heading to Hot Springs Off Road Park this weekend.
  7. Camping Cargo Test Run

    Skillet and collapsible tub/sink go in the boxes. Corn hole boards (or my folding table) may fit flat underneath and level with the seats!
  8. Camping Cargo Test Run

    Yup just notice that, it must time out after some time. Skunked my Gatorade! Glad I didn't test with beer in the cooler.
  9. Camping Cargo Test Run

    But who is gonna watch the kid while my wife works over time to pay for the second Bronco?
  10. Camping Cargo Test Run

    That is the plan. Testing it out this weekend with some waters and Gatorade in there as I drive around. I also have a bluetti ac50s power station as a backup, but nice to take that into the tent for fans, etc...
  11. 4dr Trunk Size

    Just posted with some pics showing what it can hold, if that helps give you some context.
  12. Camping Cargo Test Run

    Going on a trip next weekend, so wanted to test out and see how much room I had for my camping gear. Here is what the following looks like in a 4door for reference. 2/3 rear seat down. Set power Rv45L fridge 2 large Plano trunks (sit on seat hump not flat) Gazelle T4 hub tent 3 cots (1...
  13. Anyone else having trouble connecting to FordPass?

    I picked mine up on a Thursday, and it would not activate at dealership or at home. Then on Saturday afternoon when I tried it happend to work. Not sure if it was a timing issue or something else. Maybe something the dealership had to enter into the system the processed the order as delivered...
  14. Anyone planning to install two way radio (either Ham, CB or other?)

    Anyone figure out the antenna mounting yet? What was the mount they used on that overlanding demo way back? It would be nice to mount to trail sights. Otherwise I guess I'm looking at lip mounts on the hood for both my gmrs and ham dual band half wave.
  15. Ford Bronco Warthog TT (technical terrain) solid front axle Jeep killer would be awesome

    If you want a SFA, why not just go buy a jeep? IFS sets Bronco apart from Jeep. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  16. Mississippi Bronco Club

    I've been here a while, but new to off-roading besides atvs or the occasional deer camp road. I will be getting this thing off the pavement though.
  17. Mississippi Bronco Club

    Sounds good to me. Any sort of rigs and coffee style meetups around here?
  18. Mississippi Bronco Club

    Picked up my 4dr Badlands, Sasquatch, Softtop, Lux, Tow, MGV, Area 51 yesterday. First Bronco from Mac Haik Ford Jackson!