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  1. Arkansas Broncos

    Awesome the Texas off rodeo was awesome as well! I second if you can go do it
  2. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Finally home it is worth it! Better than I thought it would be
  3. Arkansas Broncos

    @RunNGunArk we can do it!
  4. Arkansas Broncos

    @smhenry I looked up Razorback tire cover for 35” tires. There were a couple places that had them. I think it was They have the option of rear camera hole. It went on easy and I really like it!
  5. Arkansas Broncos

    @Wolfeman will do!
  6. Arkansas Broncos

    @Hossamus Prime oh I know! I feel very lucky. It is even better than I thought it would be
  7. Arkansas Broncos

    Thank you!
  8. Arkansas Broncos

    Few more finally made it home and she is amazing!
  9. Arkansas Broncos

    Im so dang excited...
  10. Arkansas Broncos

    thank you!
  11. Arkansas Broncos

    She has arrived in Ft Smith, picking up this afternoon!!!
  12. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    She made it to the dealer! get to pick up this afternoon
  13. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Lol I bought mine Friday as I had day off and looked like it would make it to dealer Friday afternoon or sat…now hoping tomorrow it shows. I did get to spend some time in my build at off rodeo and between me, my brother and father will be our 12th bronco. Now as long as the transport doesn’t...
  14. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    I’m still Waiting, it appeared to be in transit Friday, didn’t show nor yesterday so hoping tomorrow? I did all my paperwork Friday as I had time so really ready for the wait to end
  15. Who on here has driven several models and can give an opinion on the differences?

    If this helps at all I drove an outer banks with squatch day one at off rodeo and got there early day two to get a badlands squatch (my build). Sway bar disconnect was awesome in the rocks and my wife Loved it from passenger standpoint. But! There was nothing there that really required the sway...
  16. Will you be taking your Bronco off road?

    Grew up in the woods and mud, but that was a lifetime ago so I wanted to see what the bronco could do and went to off rodeo for that specific reason: what can I comfortably get into on my own. Rock crawling is way more fun and exciting than I ever thought it would be. Day I got back I called a...
  17. Arkansas Broncos

    @uniqueusername yep, I have driven him crazy too I’m sure! And my is convinced I’ve joined a bronco cult and wants it here too so I’ll shut up
  18. Arkansas Broncos

    While I am hoping my bronco arrives and I can bring her home tomorrow, I wanted to give props to Randall Ford in ft smith. I had day off today so I went in and did all my paperwork. Peter and whole team treated me great. MSRP with a $129 fee. Discounted labor on couple parts I’m waiting on, add...
  19. Arkansas Broncos

    Oh I understand! I had a big trip planned this past week and was really wanting it to come in. Thought it would be here when I got back today but got bumped to Monday. A lot of people on the 8/30 build week got them quicker.
  20. Arkansas Broncos

    Just as an FYI from an Arkansas Bronco guy, I had a blend week of 8/30, build date on widows sticker of 9/3. I received my built email on 9/6 shipped 9/9. It went by rail to OK City with an estimated delivery to Randall ford of between 9/24 and 9/30. My tracker moved to receipt date estimated...