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  1. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    QC is probably at the end of the production line. No sense stopping the line and trying to change the bumper at a different station. Edit: Dr. Detroit above beat me to it.
  2. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Thanks, No I can stop looking at my email in confusion. 🤣
  3. Dealer Refuses to Enter a Purchase Agreement Without VIN

    I have my order at Granger and while we have a price agreement they wouldn't issue a purchase agreement until the vehicle was on the lot. I requested it not for price protection as they have been very up front, but because I needed it to finalize a loan through my bank. So I'm not surprised...
  4. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Are y'all getting these links before/during/or after build/ship notification?
  5. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Woot Woot, adding another post to this ridiculously long thread! Oh and I got my "Built" email. Estimated delivery to dealer 11/7 - 11/13.
  6. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    It may be a trim and options difference but I'll be saving about $4,000 off MSRP by going with Granger. ≈$59K msrp vs ≈$55K Invoice - $1K. I do have the advantage of it being only about a 3 hr drive so shipping isn't a factor.
  7. Just a Thought on ADM

    I think it's difficult to prove/claim price gouging when an emergency hasn't been declared. I haven't read these carefully but I saw "state of emergency" a couple times.
  8. What Bronco swag gifts has your dealer sent you?

    Granger Ford in Iowa is the biggest but I think there are 3 or 4 offering similar deals. By biggest, I mean the most reservations and most active on here.

    I forgot to mention that my Cactus Gray Badlands with MIC is stuck at dirt mountain. I'm scheduled to have the top replaced sometime in October. I expect I'll have delivery before the end of the year but obviously not guaranteed.

    I saw an orange one heading west on I-80 but didn't catch a plate so I don't know if it was just passing through or not. The Ford dealer in York has a Carbonized Grey 2 door demo unit. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Woodhouse seems to have caved to the insanity. Thank you for being a high ground in the dealership swamp. Outer Banks $76,895 sticker
  12. High package vs Lux in terms of sound system

    Depends on how crazy you want to go with aftermarket speakers. With the wiring in place for the Lux you can swap in better speakers relatively easily, if you're looking to go all the way back to 1999 when Best Buy was 25% car audio you're going to be removing a lot of panels to run upgraded...
  13. Do I really need a hardtop

    I had a rag top car back in the day. The plastic windows always scratches/fogs eventually. I also prefer the look of the hard top. If it was available I'd probably have gotten body colored vs MIC. And my final reason to order a hard top, is I knew an aftermarket soft top would be offered...

    @PulltheLeverBronc They were noncommittal back in early February when I ordered, before all the supply issues were massively apparent. Initially they committed to "no higher than" MSRP, but when I was ready to order I asked if they were willing to offer a similar deal to Granger they got...

    @Nextgenbroncfan I almost wish they had said that, at least it would have been honest. Anderson tried the "we know there are some offers or there, there is no way they are actually selling below invoice, nobody does that and makes money", line. So I told them I wasn't ready to order and I'd...

    Hello all, Just found this group. I have a 4dr Badlands, Cactus gray, Lux, Tow, non sas, and Mic waiting on dirt mountain for a new hard top. I ended up ordering through Granger when Anderson Ford refused to give me a straight answer on what they were going to charge.
  17. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    My end date says 8/21/21 but no change to built and my email says I'm an October top replacement. Based on the tracker I'm late middle early end of October. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Wireless charging pad DIY install hack

    There is a pretty good chance the connector is already on the harness, it might only take buying the kit and finding the connector to plug it in.
  19. Request: Badlands with leather interior

    Power seats is exactly why I went that route. I've also heard that some aftermarket floor mat companies have made washout that align with factory washouts. Cut a hole in the carpet and align the two. I have no verification of this but figured it was a possibility. For now I'll have carpet.