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  1. What song / music will you be playing in first drive of your Bronco?

    Think I might need to start with Long Road by Pearl Jam. It certainly has been one.
  2. Katzkin diamond stitch leather seats in Hauk Designs Bronco

    Wow this is the direction I think I am going to have to go in. I keep going around in circles on what trim to order all because of the awful interiors!! The only one I kind of like is the black diamond but I want high or lux. So I now actually think I am going to go SAS OB and just throw out the...
  3. Did Everyone miss this >> LIVE: Bronco Community Talks 2022 Bronco, Order Banks, Options

    The thing I got out of it was how price protection will work. I did not know it was based on what trim level you had on order as of Oct 1. So I had a BL so I get a $925 rebate for 2022. Doesn’t matter what model I purchase. Others get less of a rebate based on model that was on order. I had not...
  4. Can Signature Lights be retrofit installed on Black Diamond?

    Actually talked with dealer and still not an option on BD
  5. Can Signature Lights be retrofit installed on Black Diamond?

    I thought thatwas shown to be a mistake?
  6. Can Signature Lights be retrofit installed on Black Diamond?

    thought about that too but want the MGV. Ford doesn’t make this easy.
  7. Can Signature Lights be retrofit installed on Black Diamond?

    So with some people receiving their broncos over the last few months, have we learned if the signature lights can be installed in the black diamond? Still stuck between BD and BL and this is the only thing I would really miss from the BL. Thanks.
  8. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    The only change i was hoping for for 2022 was an option for black interior for any trim level. Would have made it easy to order a wildtracks. Now still stuck between black diamond and badlands, dont want the orange interior.
  9. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Did i miss the memo that a soft top would be offered on the 2 door for 2022?
  10. Let the next topic of fun begin! What options will be available for 2022 build?

    Seriously? 22 is basically my 21 as they are barely shipping any Broncos. I expect maybe exterior color changes and that is all.
  11. Will dealer allocations push some early reservation holders to 23?

    oh I agree. I don’t see them getting a whole new design up and running in under 2 months like they are saying. I mean they have had how long to figure this out?
  12. Will dealer allocations push some early reservation holders to 23?

    So with the latest news from Ford I honestly don’t think I will even see my Bronco next year!! my dealer was only going to have 16 non FE allocations this year and I was number 20. I believe only one FE has been delivered to the dealership so far. Which means I still have 19 people in front of...
  13. Instead of later. How about an answer from ford on if the color I ORDERED wont be on the car in 22?

    Yeah I agree. Seeing the color chart if it’s real there is no velocity blue! I will be pissed. I ordered early 7/14 and might only be able to get a color that I decided I didn’t want? Thanks Ford. They should just keep all 2021 colors for 2022.
  14. Who's ready to tap out?

  15. 2022 Bronco Paint Colors Leaked

    This! I am like hour 10 order. I want velocity blue. I already have been told I am not getting a 21. Going t0 be even more pissed and possibly cancel if velocity blue is off the table.
  16. 🏁 Acceleration Track Test : Bronco 2.7L and 2.3L versus Jeep Wrangler 3.6L [Car and Driver]

    Wow this is terrible. My wife has a 4 cylinder Jeep and I personally think it’s dog slow. The 2.7 is only a tenth of a second faster? Wow. Was not expecting that. I mean I really feel the jeep is severely underpowered. This is very disappointing news. oh and she gets 25 mpg.
  17. July 14th Reservation - Order updates

    6:40 AM 7/14 and I don’t even make my dealers allotment for the year. Was told 2022. Though I am a 2 dr so hoping Ford focuses on the 2 dr mics. That might help me move up.
  18. 0-60 mph test for 2.3L Bronco with 7-speed manual by TFL

    Wow these 0-60 times are damn slow. Like mind boggling slow. I dont need a sports car but need some get up and go, this is concerning.
  19. You're just getting the plain Bronco?

    Get a price from vroom and carvana. That’s how I soled my last 2 vehicles.