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  1. A Note to the 2-Door Brigade: We Get It Already!!!

    The 4-door "Bronco" is a market-driven compromise, offered alongside the "real" Bronco only because Jeep fell from grace back in '07.
  2. Texas Bronco logo

    Oh, hell yeah.
  3. Offroad recovery?

    If they're planning to have any conversations with the insurance company.....hide the video.
  4. Is Fighter Jet Gray the same color as Cactus Gray?

    aptly named, after the Citroen Cactus.......
  5. Let's see those modded Hot Wheels

    Head to head: mall crawler versus trail rig.
  6. Let's see those modded Hot Wheels

    Drilled the rivets to split the body away from the chassis, and swapped a set of wheels from Matchbox Ford work truck for “1st phase”. Split it apart again and notched the plastic “interior” piece to drop it down on the axles for “2nd phase”.
  7. Let's see those modded Hot Wheels

  8. Let's see those modded Hot Wheels

    So, it seems those 22" rims and 37's aren't just for mall-crawling........
  9. Let's see those modded Hot Wheels

    Still has a massive lift, but the 32” tires look more reasonable. Next step, drop it to more of a “stock” Black Diamond ride height.
  10. Side-by-side look @ 2-Door Soft Top Fastback vs 4-Door Soft Top Broncos

    I think of the 2-door with one of those tops as the "flat butt" Bronco. There's just not enough back there to suit my personal tastes.
  11. What size lift does Sasquatch equate to?

    We have Constables who are On Patrol in my area, and we also have other types of LEOs. I should ask one of the Constables if they are ok with being called a COP.
  12. Base 16X7 steel wheels, what tires are you mounting on them?

    I plan to go with 265/75-16 KO2.
  13. How to break in a new Manual?

    How to brake, in a new Manual? Depress the clutch and/or shift into neutral before coming to a complete stop.
  14. Decided to install Trailer Hitch

    such as on this Base.....
  15. Bore Size? Find the comment that says: Mike L confirmed in a Tweet that the Base Bronco uses the 16x7 Ranger steel rims. They have a 6x5.5" bolt pattern, 55mm offset and a 93.1 mm hub bore.
  16. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    For these portal hubs, the axle centersection/differential also needs to be revised to turn the half-shafts in the opposite direction.
  17. What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    Better question...... if you end up having to keep either the wife or the new Bronco......which will it be?
  18. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Internal components shot of a 74 Weld portal. 20/31 teeth (1.55:1). I suppose if the rear has a 5:13, the front could be a 3.31 (reverse-turning).