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  1. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    He was out today when I called. They are swamped, good luck.
  2. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    Now we'll see if ford can do their part. Thanks for pointing that error out.
  3. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    I have resent my build, called and called. No response, nothing. I'm a 7/13. Called today your lead guy is out, apparently he's the only one. Plus I didn't get your "resend your build email" until I reached out first by email. I'm I the only 7/13 you have left? Did I get lost somewhere? Seems to...
  4. Two Door Race Red Big Bend Non-SAS w/33’s, FE Wheels, & Vintage Stripes

    Perfect, top looks good too, we're you a dirt mountain hostage?
  5. Bronco vs deer

    Going 50 on a back road in Missouri at midnight. 8 inches of snow on the road and coming down hard. They were standing in the middle of the no lane road, had low beams on fun going home from work. Loaded up the four, called game warden in AM, all donated to a charity.
  6. Details & update for 2021 Bronco Badlands with steering rack failure on King of the Hill K2 Trail

    There was a post here a while back. Someone is working on a steel octagon shaped rod. But one strong piece of the puzzle will not fix the weaker links.
  7. Well, I've taken the plunge.

    You better do it now. There are many dealers doing msrp for reservation holders. Waiting til it arrives they will increase it to 10k
  8. Well, I've taken the plunge.

    Badlands with sasquatch is not 4k its the BP is goofy, more like 2300$. I would have shopped around for a msrp dealership.
  9. Bronco Stripe Colors

    Have you found a bronze color?
  10. Painted Mirror Caps and Door Handles Ordered

    589$ I'll wait have other functional priorities.
  11. Bandlands on 1" leveling kit with 35’s and Fuel wheels (+1mm offset)

    Anyone look at the Fabtech 1.5 level kit. It's bullet aluminum. Doesn't really talk fitment on a non sasquatch badlands. I'm really looking hard at the maxlider lift. The BDS UCA arms are 995$ on their site without any lift or level.
  12. Bronco vs deer

    During the fab. Used a manual pipe bender
  13. Bronco vs deer

    Added them after all the hits, trying to see them first. Didn't work, they shoot out from nowhere.
  14. Bandlands on 1" leveling kit with 35’s and Fuel wheels (+1mm offset)

    I'll be picking it up there, when I get a vin
  15. Bandlands on 1" leveling kit with 35’s and Fuel wheels (+1mm offset)

    I didn't know there was a level kit for the badlands HOSS. Maxlider makes a 4 inch total lift with Uca for badlands and sasquatch specific. I'll probably order with out sasquatch on badlands and just ad the 4.7 gears. I would be replacing wheels and tires on both.
  16. Bronco vs deer

    It was a base bumper, my nephew built the upper protection. Bent and welded 2 and 3 inch heavy pipe. Had to add a leveling kit due to the wt 280lbs
  17. “Roast” Retro Side stripes.

    I want bronze also on a VB.
  18. Video: Bronco Badlands hitting a deer

    Here ya go, a deer killer
  19. Bronco vs deer

    Zero that one from ford nothing Here's a deer killer I've hit many, 5 at one time, killed 4.
  20. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    I'm a 7/13 with Granger, no vin. Talked to a large local dealer, he said stay there. Allocations are not my issues it's my build