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  1. Article: Bronco reservations could be delayed for years.

    How about that Ford stock price!
  2. Article: Bronco reservations could be delayed for years.

    We had 2 reservations. One was with our local dealer in Colorado and one with the dealer that this article was about for their October special. I cancelled the reservation this spring when it was pretty obvious that they had way too many reservations for such a small dealer and stayed with the...
  3. More on Bronco Airbag Recall – Affects 553 Vehicles

    I really don't think it would be improper to shoot this employee for ruining the lives of over 500 reservation holders. First world problems are real.
  4. My Bronco arrived at the dealership.... but delivery hold due to airbag recall

    See, this is why I waited until Oct. 2 to reserve. I knew the initial tops were bad, and this thing now.
  5. Colorado Bronco Club

  6. Colorado Bronco Club

    Beautiful! What dealership, and where are those pictures from?
  7. Colorado Bronco Club

    Is that where it's at? Iv'e been watching more out at the 76 & 85 terminal
  8. Colorado Bronco Club

    Might have been Robert Peterson's from Parker, it's an awesome Badlands with 35's!
  9. Colorado Bronco Club

  10. 📬 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Oct. 2 reservation, changed to soft on hardtop prep announcement!
  11. Pure Joy! Sharing Some Positive Vibes

    I just got a call from my dealer at Groove Ford in Denver, and he thinks we will get an email on Thursday for the week of October 2nd!!!!! We gave up sas, and the shitty top but kept the 2.7 and modular bumper on an OBX with roast leather. Reserved October and am dying to open the email that...
  12. I'm buying a FCTP Demo Bronco

    How do you know you can get it in January?
  13. Fear and Loathing at Las Vegas Bronco Off-Roadeo (a First Peek) ... Pics too

    Nothing like Vegas in the summer time! Only thing worse is texas!
  14. First Edition Bronco Update - Yours may be scheduling soon!

    Plenty of time, If they can start cranking out 1200 a day in August they can still knock it out of the park! Did you switch to soft top?
  15. I ordered a Jeep today..

    I don't mean to be a dick, but this is 1 of a 100 reasons you should never lease.