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  1. Any Updates on "Customer Satisfaction Funds"?

    My dealer had no idea what I was talking about when I emailed him last week. Said he'd look into it, haven't heard back lol
  2. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    Just watched the mocumentory on hulu. Was kinda funny. Especially the line about a smooth launch..... assuming I heard that right
  3. Video: Bad batch Broncos being moved from the airport/dirt pile to be worked on?

    I was planning by Xmas, Thanksgiving is better, but I'm not holding my breath
  4. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Yeah, I've been checking every hr, but being a 2dr with the shit show going on else where in the forum I didn't have my hopes up. Was a nice surprise
  5. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    I got my modules.... 811/563.... 2dr badlands..... well see what happens
  6. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    Window sticker just populated for me. 320210811. 0563
  7. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    I was bumped from July 19th to Aug 9th. But checked after work today and I'm showing in production now. Still can't see the window sticker though. Res- 7/14 Ordered- 3/17
  8. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    This, but I'm thinking the white fifteen52 slotted wheels for my bl
  9. 🛠 8/9 build week thread

    My 2dr badlands was scheduled for July 19, now aug 9. Heres hoping
  10. May 27 Email Group!

    Got my schedule. July 19 build for my 2dr badlands 4 banger w/auto, mid, tow. So fucking excited
  11. Maryland advice

    Yeah, they never seem to run out of other peoples money lol
  12. Maryland advice

    Funny, were looking at places in cali Maryland lol. I used to be stationed in real California so I'm used to bad politics. Gf is a trained phlebotomist, but has been working in the airline parts room for the last year. Actually pays more then phlebotomy here. She's really looking forward to all...
  13. Maryland advice

    Ahh. Thanks for the heads uo
  14. Maryland advice

    Are those areas bad for crime or just a little ghetto?
  15. Maryland advice

    Thanks for all the advice guys. If more questions pop up I'll post again
  16. Maryland advice

    So. This is off topic but location specific off topic. I just accepted a job offer at pax river. So ill be moving from Michigan this summer assuming all goes well. I've never been to Maryland and only know what I have found in my research, which is a lot of dated info, and the hr long rant of...
  17. What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    Aircraft mechanic and navy vet
  18. Area 51 Black Diamond Sasquatch 4-Door at MAP showcase display

    Drove by MAP again today. This time its a 4dr black diamond sasquatch in A51. Got a few undercarriage shots this time. GF agreed its a beautiful color, but is gonna be "to popular". Also saw a white 4dr badlands and another 4dr black rig with no markings i was unable to get shots of. Side note...
  19. Race Red vs Rapid Red 4-Door Badlands at KRRP Event. Closeups of MGV Seats

    Good info. Cant imagine its worse than the leather in my sho. Was just curious. Thanks