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  1. Bronco vs 4runner Pro on the Imogene Pass [by TFL] 🐴😬

    TFL has constantly had this sort of love hate relationship with the Bronco, you could almost say anything Ford. They also push a bit of “unhappiness “ with Subaru and they keep talking about how Subaru doesn’t give them “press” vehicles and it’s not a stretch why. For all the talk of “unbiased...
  2. Video: 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Overland Test

    Badass video dude! Very well done……..even if I was tearing up while eating my popcorn at every word. :p(y)
  3. Straight Pipes Off-Roads a 2021 Bronco Wildtrak

    Ummmm.........R1!!!! The most beautiful sound!
  4. Broncofly

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Damerow Ford has their Demo in, a Cyber Orange Wildtrak Sas Package. I got a ride in it a week back.
  5. First Edition Broncos w/ MIC hard tops start to schedule again with mid-October production estimate

    Man, how rare will my FE be if it rides on a 22 chassis and a the new revised hard top and delivered by December?! Holy Toledo!! I'll take offers starting at $150K........ Who've shift is it anyway?!
  6. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    Damerow has their demo in, Cyber Orange Wildtrak Sas, high package with soft top. The things much better in person and after the test drive at HWY speed, the soft tops much better then my preconceived idea of it. I’d get one along with a hard top. Mask used when required by law. Mask used...
  7. [RENDER] Hot Pepper Red Bronco with MIC top and white top

    If in fact it’s like this in person, looks tons better than the rendered photo….. Looks more lava or burnt orange to me. Looks good!
  8. Boom Blaster Horn Installed! This Bronco Sounds Like a Bronco

    Who needs a winch when you got that thing?!:ROFLMAO:
  9. Double "Bronco" photoshoot during 24 hour demo: 2021 Bronco & OV-10 Bronco

    Duuuude......thats sweet! I always loved those OV Bronco's, still used by the forest service for spotting on air attack fire fighting. I just flew with a dude that flew those, he loved that thing.
  10. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    Long term MIC hard top sun baking durability testing. ITS BRILLIANT!!! 🤦‍♂️
  11. Good News - Build Date Moved Up For First Edition Bronco Orders

    Nope......nothing yet. I bet mine comes for Xmas......Santa has the elves working their asses off looking for enough parts to finish it. They have the FE badge done.....but thats it right now.....according to Lazy elf.
  12. What My Bronco Means to Me

    LOVE IT!!! BADASS Man......continue to rock!
  13. [TFL] Do I Regret Buying My Brand New Jeep Wrangler After Living With The New Ford Bronco For a Week?

    I think the top issues reported are spot on with his review. Start watching at 5:10. That item aside, some of the other items are personal preference and I don't mind it but would come across better if it were an equally equipped vehicle.
  14. Bronco Off-Site Stockpile Spotted Near Willow Run Airport in Michigan

    Chips.....micro chips. Orrrrr........they are testing the long term effects of sun damage on the MIC tops?! 🤷‍♂️