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  1. Do Bronco Owners Enjoy Their Celebrity Status?

    I don't mind it, my wife hates it. Have had people pace me on the highway staring at it, lots of thumbs up out the window, windows rolled down at stop lights asking about it or people just looking at it in parking lots. Honestly it's kind of wild, an old friend of mine had a Ferrari and we got...
  2. Are people in Canada getting any information from their dealerships?

    My dealer is good but I still end up knowing things before they do. Ford Canada has been pretty bad IMO overall. Bad communications if we get any at all. Getting the bonus points was way too much of a pain and took almost 3 months from when I took delivery of the Bronco. No swag or loyalty...
  3. Cyber Orange remorse?

    This! I find it so weird that people still think in terms of 'a guy cant have that colour' or viceversa. Get what you like man!!! And the fact they think your are too big a guy to have that colour totally blows my mind. So weird.
  4. Is a 2022 Brittany Blue Bronco coming?

    wow. that would be amazing. My Bronco is Area51 because to me it was as close to the 60's blue as I could get. My dad had a 68 Cougar that was that shade of blue and I absolutely loved it. If Brittany blue comes out I could see trading in my Area51 OB for it in a couple years.
  5. Jeep CEO's Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

    Respectfully I do not think I am giving Ford a free pass. The vehicle has issues with the roof, no doubt but when I buy a brand new model I expect a couple recalls, thats just the way it is. The MIC roof is an issue but they recalled it and are replacing them pretty early on in the process...
  6. Jeep CEO's Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

    I'm sorry but did I miss something?? When did we see issues out about the roof leaking? Mine has been perfect in storms, no leaks at all and if there was something reported about leaks then I missed that one. The recall is for the appearance issue, nothing was said about leaking.
  7. Jeep CEO's Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

    interesting article but it's a year old. Be nice to see an update on it and get his thoughts on what has been done and what is being done with problem suppliers (ie Webasto)
  8. Jeep CEO's Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

    Alot of hardtop problems? Isn't it one hardtop problem on pretty much all of them?? Supply chain isn't really a quality issue so I don't count that, just the 'honeycombing' that appears in the roof (which by the way has just started to appear on mine after 2 months of owning it). I'm not sure...
  9. Just wrapped up an extended test drive.

    You sir need a new wife. Mine loves our Bronco.
  10. Wife not impressed - dream may be dead

    our Outer Banks is my wifes daily driver and she loves it. she wanted an SUV again because her last 3 vehicles were cars and she decided she hated them in our winters. Interior quality is just a taste thing i think, we have no complaints on ours but if your wife doesnt like the Bronco then...
  11. MIC 1.0 POPs and Clicks

    2 months of driving ours and have not had that happen. The honeycombing just appeared this week though.
  12. How?! Build date within a week of "Reserve" (Now Marked up) (MARK UP REMOVED!)

    nope. thats not counting the mannequin that is not for sale
  13. How?! Build date within a week of "Reserve" (Now Marked up) (MARK UP REMOVED!)

    Sure. Dealership is Maitland motors in Sault Ste Marie. They have an Outer Banks and a manual Big Bend there right now. Both soft tops though which explains partially why they haven't sold yet here. I would not have gone without my MIC top in these winters!
  14. How?! Build date within a week of "Reserve" (Now Marked up) (MARK UP REMOVED!)

    it kills me this is going on and people are buying these at huge markups. I don't get it at all. The dealership I bought mine from has 2 Broncos just sitting there not sold with no markup. Maybe these markups are not as big a thing in Canada??
  15. Compilation of 2.3L Reviews!

    Its funny to me to hear guys say there is a huge difference between the 2 engines. Its all personal opinion of course but I have a decent amount of seat time in both since i own the 2.3 and my friend has the 2.7 that i have driven alot and I have not noticed a huge difference at all. Again...
  16. Newly Produced Broncos Being Shipped with MIC Top 2.0 Ahead of "Dirt Mountain" Replacements?

    man am I ever glad my OB escaped Dirt Mountain (i hate that name btw) in early July and finally made it to me 5+ weeks after it was built. My MIC top wasn't perfect (scratched glass) and Ford was going to have to replace it even before the recall came out but this is getting stupid. I don't...
  17. Ontario broncos

    another one arrived at my dealer (Maitland Motors) in Sault Ste Marie that is looking for a home. They now have a black Outer Banks softtop and an Area51 Big Bend softtop manual unsold and waiting for a lucky buyer!
  18. Ontario Dealer/Salesperson Recommendation?

    2 unsold Broncos sitting at my dealer in Sault Ste Marie if your willing to travel!
  19. Is there a big difference in the 2.3 and 2.7 with Sasquatch Package?

    interesting comment. so since it was in an article its automatically the truth and not the hundreds of owner reviews? You know an article is just one guys opinion right? To each their own man, it's all relative and their is no 'correct' opinion. It all depends on how your using the vehicle...
  20. Is there a big difference in the 2.3 and 2.7 with Sasquatch Package?

    I have a 2.3 non SAS and my friend has the 2.7 non SAS so I have actual driving time with both in comparable vehicles quite a bit. Not just a 5 minute test drive. I did not find a big difference tbh although I cannot speak for how a SAS would be. I went with the 2.3 as I felt it would be...