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  1. Commandeered an abandoned order out West

    I ain’t mad atcha, and don’t understand the people who are. That build except for the tow package is the easiest to get. Pardon the pun but “getting bent” over the Big Bend…… really. Seriously tho all the Bronco’s are awesome no matter the trim but you snagging it and offering it on the sight...
  2. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    I understand that maybe she wasn’t feeling fresh and your disappointment has you up late at night. A lot of us have been on lockdown since 96 so the muffin top and jogging pants don’t phase me.
  3. Ford extends deadline for Soft Top with Hardtop Hardware Prep Kit to July 23 (From July 16)

    I changed to the old soggy bottoms top from Ford and on that note changed the color to what I really wanted. I have to say that the mic top doesn’t look that swell either and I have a feeling will start to turn birdshit white after being sun bleached. I will get the painted top whenever and if...
  4. Stumbled across this on Wrangler Forum..

    If anyone is buying a Jeep or a Bronco for the feel of luxury and gold leaf padded panties for seats with a glade plug in for the 400 w power outlet. Let’s break out the vw plastic flower for the camera mount on the dash. Maybe some memory foam inserts in the seats so it leaves an ass imprint...
  5. 1st Goodyear Territory MT review

    Generic looking MT / bottom of the barrel design/ lose air every month because they are Goodyear’s / I plan on putting them on the shelf for hard times.
  6. Will Enough Customers Switch to Soft Tops?

    I switched even though I think the soft tops look like ass. What’s the difference buying a hardtop later when most people are financing a $3200 sway bar disconnect for a Badlands or $2500 for leather seats or another $2500 for a lux package. You can put the money in your front pocket or pass it...
  7. Convince me not to get the soft top??

    My problem with the soft top is the side windows and the way the back lifts. It kinda looks like ass brand new so in a few years it will probably look like an old dirty pair of underwear over the back…lmao …mho
  8. Can a Bronco Be My Mid-Life Crisis Vehicle?

    The first gen Bronco is just one of the coolest rides out there and to basically have one that’s new with today’s technology is a no brainer. It’s not necessarily a mid life crisis as much as being a kid looking at the toy catalog with money in your pocket. As far as everyone heading out into...
  9. 🎥: Check out this landing of the RTR Bronco! 😳

    How many idiots will be sitting at the campfire listening to “ sorry about your new Bronco man…..but that was awwwwesome….but seriously sorry about your Bronco….lol
  10. What's in your driveway?

    I just told Jeeves the butler to park the yugo in the guest house garage when I stumbled on this thread and I was like …hmmmm.. here’s a chance for everyone to jump in their birthday suit and show what they are working with….lol but seriously 2005 Tundra, 2020 Honda Pilot , 2007 Civic and sold...
  11. Wheel poll: what’s your flava

    I have 33’s with 16’s on my 1st gen Tundra but the 35’s on 17’s with the Sasquatch package is on par with me. Maybe a different tire and wheel but the size is ok.
  12. Wheel poll: what’s your flava

    Less wheel and more rubber is a better off road look with function. IMO I can’t stand the big wheel low rubber look on an off road vehicle. It’s too …how do you say ” Mall Crawl mode with a dash of Flavor Flav “…naaaaaaah boyeeee
  13. I proposed in my Bronco shirt today

    I took the Bronco to work babe ….love ya mean it…….she gone… ….congratulations
  14. Bronco vs. Suzuki Jimny

    It looks old school cool but is basically a 4x4 Yugo and shreds like a tin can trough the recycler. I’m glad certain garbage isn’t for sale in this country. We are finally clear of what was produced in the 80’s and 90’s with a few exceptions. Throw away cars aka burners.
  15. Broncos showing up at dealers

    Anyway 🙄 you won’t see a Badsquatch with a mic top sitting on the lot to be sold. It will be soft top with roadhuggers that no body ordered because of part constraints. Unless a dealer pre ordered one to sell ….if they can do that who cares.
  16. Aftermarket sway bar disconnect?

    You can get by with a rear locker but with all Broncos you get front and rear with the sas package. The badlands has both without it.
  17. Aftermarket sway bar disconnect?

    You wouldn’t disconnect it hauling ass period. It has a Baja mode that’s all no other designs.
  18. Broncos showing up at dealers

    Boo hoo …..Justin Bieber probably has one they put a deck under to mow his yard, doesn’t mean you’re getting yours any quicker or later.