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  1. She has ARRIVED!

    looks like the camera caught the flicker?
  2. why are we blaming Ford and not the dealers?

    Day 2 reservation here with no schedule email. I ordered from my local dealer that did zero Bronco advertising and zero deals made public (they did offer some to reservation holders after you reserved but never advertised this). So I mean I get your theory, but the biggest issues are that...
  3. Currently available winch solutions

    Stolen from another thread:
  4. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    yeah this is bullshit. All pre March-deadline orders should be filled first IN ORDER that they were reserved regardless of dealer. Dealer allocation shouldn't be a factor until post-March orders. Jesus, at this rate we're going to have week one reservation holders at Granger not getting a...
  5. Harbor freight light bars

    Who cares? He can literally replace the light bar every year, for the life of his vehicle and still spend less on light bars from HF than buying a name brand.
  6. I don't understand why this winch mount solution hasn't been mass produced yet? (video in post)

    This solution is already ford no less. They just don't offer it without the $1800 winch attached to it.
  7. Harbor freight light bars

    I wouldn't worry about how long it's going to last. You can buy 10 HF light bars for the price of a name brand one. I'll be honest, I've been thinking about HF pod lights for my sideview mirror mounted ditch lights.
  8. Rock Slide Folding Table for Bronco Tailgate

    The table you are referring to is being released for the Bronco, and costs $500. This looks like a better value, although the side walls and lack of integrated cutting board makes it less versatile.
  9. Black Bear Pass Using Trail Turn Assist in Outerbanks Bronco 😲😱🤯

    I won't have a chance to watch this video until tonight, but as soon as trail turn assist was explained I was wondering who would try it on black bear pass. Can't wait to watch this. After using TTA on the off roadeo, I can confidently say that I don't have enough hair on my ass to try it on...
  10. Do I really need a hardtop

    I like the look of the hardtop better, and I also didn't like the fact that, originally, getting a soft top meant no hardtop hookups. So that's why I ordered a MIC. However, I always thought that a soft top would really be my preferred top. Once Ford offered the hard top prep kit with the...
  11. BuiltRight Industries - Cargo Area MOLLE System - Seeking feedback!

    I'm in! It looks like one of these panels would cover the subwoofer from the LUX package. Any idea how this install would rattle?
  12. LSU Jonno

    Alabama Bronco Club

    Great looking rig! I'm still waiting on a scheduling email so I won't be able to join in on the fun. Quick question, did you get those front shackles painted to match the Badlands orange accents or did they come in that color? I was thinking about doing the same thing.
  13. $250 Voucher for Bronco Off-Rodeo

    It's mostly bronco and off-rodeo branded clothes, and Yeti products.
  14. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    Yeah you are right, I meant Sway control. There was an interview with someone at bronco nation that implied this needed an extra chip and that's why it was constrained. This was never confirmed. Yeah, usually...when there's not a global shortage of chips. I mean are we really debating this...
  15. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    Well we haven't seen one of those leaked charts for a while. That doesn't mean there aren't constrained parts. I mean, we could just as easily pose the question as, "show me proof that those parts that we know were constrained are no longer constrained". But having said that, we know that...
  16. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    The original post of the vehicle is literally in this thread. You can go find it. And by the way, it's not the only one. There are several build emails going out with multiple constrained parts to folks that reserved OVER A YEAR after reservation banks opened. And that's to say nothing of...