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  1. New Stripe Pics on website. Now Available to order!!

    Okay, thank you. I'll keep an eye out!
  2. New Stripe Pics on website. Now Available to order!!

    Do you happen to have any pics of black stripes on the velocity blue? Same design as in your avatar pic.
  3. TOW/LUX Still constraints for MY22?

    Anyone know if these packages are still on the constraints list? Main thing I've been seeing lately is that a soft top will still likely get you built quicker. Not seeing much being said about other options causing delays. Before you tell me to "search the forum", I did a quick search to no...
  4. Allocations vs Reservations Vs Commodities

    I wasn't able to catch the live stream. Did they say anything about tow and/or lux still being a constraint?
  5. October 13, 2021 @ 0900

    My confidence is slim to non-existent. But maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised!
  6. 2022 wheel/tire options OBX?

    Boooo! I saw the "available on all models unless otherwise noted" in the left hand column and got excited for a minute lol Thanks for the response!
  7. 2022 wheel/tire options OBX?

    Am I reading this correctly, that we’ll be able to get 17” wheels and 33’s as an option on OBX?
  8. Outer Banks with 4WP and Nitto goodies

    Thank you!
  9. Fast track to a new Bronco? Indeed

    Thanks for getting back to me! And congrats : )
  10. Fast track to a new Bronco? Indeed

    Do you know where you were in line in your dealer's allocations?
  11. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Do you happen to know where you were in the your dealer's allocations? Mine keeps telling me There's no way I'll get a 21 because of where I stand in line (Aug 2020 res). However, I keep seeing other forum members who reserved much later than me switch to soft top and get picked up almost...
  12. OBX or Wildtrak?

    Sounds like a good deal! Def less than SAS
  13. Outer Banks with 4WP and Nitto goodies

    Also, how is the ride/road noise?
  14. OBX or Wildtrak?

    This is most likely the route I'll be taking!
  15. OBX or Wildtrak?

    Yes! Would love to see all of these things, myself!
  16. OBX or Wildtrak?

    Awesome, thank you! Just the opposite, as in you hope they don't offer more options?
  17. OBX or Wildtrak?

    lol good luck with that! I actually have A51 on order, but I doubt I'll keep it. Race Red has grown on me! I'm hoping they introduce more options than the two they've already announced for MY22.