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  1. Bronco Won’t Start

    Did we all just start a MG / British motor thread? 🤣😂
  2. Bronco Won’t Start

    I had a ‘67 MGB I built from a ‘67 and a ‘68, back in high school. Nice car, epic issues. Positive ground hell….
  3. 12 " Screen Protector

    Do you have a link for it? Looks like a good solution. Thanks!
  4. LOD Offroad is in the house!

    I have a LOD front bumper on my JKU. It has performed flawlessly for years.
  5. Badlands with 37" Tires and Winch!

    Can anyone spot where the front camera has been relocated to? I can’t find it.
  6. 2022 Orders

    I would reach out to them. Never wait for them to get in touch with you. Could lead to missed opportunities.
  7. "My Dealer Said......" Humor Thread

    I don't know if that is funny or sad, but it definitely is not good.
  8. DIY or bought door storage

    That sounds like a good idea. I have seen manufactured products like that for the Wrangler. Post pictures with your final decision! 👍
  9. Emotional journey has ended

    So sorry for you and your son’s loss. A vehicle like this can be a life changer and open a lot of doors for some adventures with your boy. Enjoy and be safe! You two take care of each other!
  10. Soft Top Issue - Waterfall During Rain

    I have the same problem with my 2008 Wrangler with both the soft and hardtop. The struggle is real.
  11. Rubicon 2 Badlands

    Bay Area Broncos

    @Daktari I think I’ve done my research and chosen well. For what I’m not getting for off-road, I feel I am getting back almost everywhere else. Honestly, I don’t even feel like I'm losing much off-road and think that this Badlands is going to surprise me.
  12. Rubicon 2 Badlands

    Bay Area Broncos

    @Daktari Happy for you!
  13. Rubicon 2 Badlands

    Bay Area Broncos

  14. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    Mine is now on a train heading west. Ford says it should be at my dealer by 10/26!
  15. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    It will still have to compete with the Jeep Wrangler's entry priced unit.
  16. PPF Question

    I might look into getting it done in Sac or LA, if I can find a good, reasonably priced place to do it. Seems like the SF Bay Area always overcharges for everything. Would be worth the drive to save a few thousand bucks. We always get screwed here.
  17. From Dirt Mountain to Driveway - Hang In There

    Whatever is behind your rig in the first picture looked like a homemade roof rack. I had to zoom in to see that it was just behind you. :ROFLMAO: