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  1. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Love these wheels. Are they imitation beadlocks?
  2. ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor In Stock (Limited Supplies)

    I'd be interested in the bracket. When do you see it being available and where were you able to mount it in the engine bay? What modifications, if any were required within the engine bay?
  3. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    I'd like to hear more about this solution as well. It looks very clean
  4. Canada - Newfoundland Selling 5 brand new standard badlands wheels and tires

    just curious what you used for weight when you gave the shipper info?
  5. I'm Done - What a Joke

    I'm getting mine at Brown Bros, although I have another one reserved at Coastal that I haven't converted yet. Have you seen the video of the side by side test of the Defender and the Bronco?
  6. I'm Done - What a Joke

    What Dealer were you working with in Van? I still have mine on order. Supposed to be built Nov 1st.
  7. Offroadeo for Canadians

    I'm registered in Vegas for next week. I had to call them to take my reservation.
  8. Installed Some Venomrex Wheels Today | My Shadow Black Badlands Sasquatch Build

    Love all your mods. How do you like the door sill protectors?
  9. Has anyone ordered the Dash Cam Set-up in Ford Accessories?

    I'm wondering if anyone ordered the dash cam and has it set up in their new Bronco. I would be interested in hearing some reviews/feedback if you have it installed. Thanks in advance
  10. Are people in Canada getting any information from their dealerships?

    My dealer is really good at checking for updates on my build once I tell him about the delays I've read about on this forum. Original Jun 14th build date, been bumped 6 times, and now I'm a Nov 1st build date. Stay Tuned
  11. Just came back from Bronco Off-Roadeo Nevada

    Grinning ear to ear while driving. Priceles!
  12. Canadians, Freebies and Ford Pass Points

    For all those Canucks out there, how many Free Ford pass points and other freebies have you received to date. For myself I've received two emails; One offers the complimentary Sound Deadening ($495), plus 110,000 Ford Pass points on delivery. The other gives us $750 off our purchase price...
  13. When you Got Your Bronco did You get the 200k in points?

    Any Canadians recieve these points?
  14. Took delivery of a big bend bronco today!!!

    Did you mean to say it was ordered August 2020? Not 2021
  15. Bay Area Metal Fab Front Bumper For 2021 Bronco

    If you relocate ACC and parking sensors, wouldn't you have to reprogram them for the new location? Who would do that for you?
  16. RIGID x FORD 4" pod lights full install *** DIY VIDEO ***

    What is the advantage of installing the lights here and not in the bumper?
  17. Ford Bronco Accessory / Parts Deal -- B6G Forum Members ONLY

    Has anyone heard anything bad about the dashcams? When I tried to order them through my dealer, the aftermarket person said they wouldn't sell them to me because they have had too many problems with them on other vehicles.