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  1. 8/12/21 Update - the silver lining

    @[email protected] so if I’m taking this the right way, my 2-door, 2.3L, Lux with tow and nonsquatch will not be scheduled this year, no way possible, and I should hope for maybe next summer? Also, still no way possible for me to switch to a soft top?
  2. Delivered MIC Hardtop Roof: Close-up Pics of Exterior, Interior Finishes

    That is a good looking top! I wonder why I can’t switch to a soft top though on a 2 door if that is really the only thing holding me up (3am July 15 res). I’d love a hard top, especially that one) but it’s not really mandatory living in Georgia. We get 6 days of winter haha
  3. September Bronco Production Sample Data

    Just so I’m clear, I reserved within the first 40 hours, order placed in March (outer banks with Lux and towing), and you’re saying there’s no chance I’ll be getting my bronco this year? My res is with you so your info is very telling for me. My problem is Ford won’t let me switch to a soft top...
  4. May 27 Email Group!

    I have a July 15th at 3am (so late night the 14th) res and no email today yet. I’m code 19
  5. Order Code Meaning

    I’m priority code 19 whatever that means
  6. Who else has America's Sports Car?

    It’s not a Vette but I love my 2020 Hellcat Redeye!
  7. What's in your driveway?

    A 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye and a 2006 Jeep Wrangler (daily driver). Plus a beat up Dodge Ram work truck that I use to pull stuff and yard work, that kinda jazz.
  8. First Month of Bronco Allocations - The Timestamp is only ONE factor

    Anyone have any idea what priority code 19 means? Or order code W001?
  9. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    No email today either. July 15 at 3am res and Jan order date. Oh well.
  10. Atlanta Auto Show (with pics)

    Wow. Said it 3 times. Pretty awesome you’re being a prick for no reason.
  11. Atlanta Auto Show (with pics)

    Don’t blame you! It was an awesome looking machine. I mean just really good looking!
  12. Atlanta Auto Show (with pics)

    True. I felt like that was the case but even considering my buddies new Jeep the bronco just looked bigger and more aggressive for some reason.
  13. Atlanta Auto Show (with pics)

    Sorry I mean my Jeep has 33x12.50, not the bronco.
  14. Atlanta Auto Show (with pics)

    Just got home from the Atlanta Auto Show where they had a 4-door iconic silver squatched outer banks. I know most of this has been covered so I’ll give just my impressions on 2 things. 1) it is bigger than I thought it would be. Definitely felt like it would be a more comfortable ride than Jeep...
  15. Daily driver??

    Daily driver for me. A wrangler is right now. The Hellcat Redeye sits in the garage so this will be my do everything vehicle.
  16. Wheels and tires Question

    Thanks for all the info! That was extremely helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to respond with all that!
  17. Wheels and tires Question

    I was thinking that too. Or wondering if just the stock Outer Banks wheels could work with the 35” tires.
  18. Wheels and tires Question

    Ahhh I appreciate it. I figured it wouldn’t work. My luck isn’t that good to get new free wheels and tires! Haha
  19. Wheels and tires Question

    So for those smarter than I in this area (which is most) I have a question. I have a friend who bought a 2019 Raptor and within days jacked it up and put new wheels and 37” tires. Since then his stock wheels and 35” inch tires have been sitting in his garage. He told me if they will fit my...
  20. 3/27/21 Update - Hardtop Headliner, Allocation, & Price Protection

    I don’t know how to check it honestly but if I remember it’s around 3am 07/15. I stayed up late the night of the 14th. Haha