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  1. I'm Moving to Dallas!

    But no state income tax. Example, Louisiana, the more you make the more you pay in income tax. Make $300k a year there and your state income tax is $18k a year. Make that same cash here and live in your current home and you can clearly see the difference. My property tax is also $8k a year in...
  2. I'm Moving to Dallas!

    I believe you said you were single. If so, you're going to love the DFW area. Hot women everywhere. Spring, summer and'll see. As far as the heat goes, hit the local lakes....big time partying during the summer. Great food all over the area. I live in Grapevine. Great small...
  3. I'm Moving to Dallas!

    What is all of this crap? High cost of living? Texas? LMAO! Have you ever been anywhere else....ever? To the OP....don't listen to any of this.
  4. Cactus Gray Black Diamond 2 Door Quick Video

    I need some dramamine after watching that....geez.
  5. 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    Someone already does and Ford has used it in their photos....
  6. First Edition Bronco in Lightning Blue! w/ Navy Pier interior....

    That's hot and I don't like blue colored vehicles.
  7. Levine: new Bronco colors coming in 2022

    In Ford's defense, those designing "coming attractions" such as color changes and additional accessories have already finished their action plans for the 2021 models. There may be some minor changes here and there but they're done for the most part. Those departments are designing for 2022 and...
  8. Updated B&P Pricing for Painted Tops

    You may want to revisit the B&P. The painted tops have been added for a day or so.
  9. What are you buying instead of a Bronco?

    Nice....also, Forbes under I may need to look into shredding some
  10. 20+ Sandstone Cloth, Roast Cloth Seats Interior Pics From Factory ⚡??

    How can Ford possibly be proud of these interiors? Hideous. :sick:
  11. Oxford White 2D Sasquatch Badlands Bronco

    Sure you can for a 2 door version. You can't for the 4 door version.
  12. ?Big Bend, WildTrak & Badlands Photos

    Yep, I'm going this route....
  13. Will Ford Raise Pricing In January Due To Supply Issues ?

    Ford has made it abundantly clear they're listening so please stop talking!
  14. First Edition Bronco Thread

    As long as it's all black I don't care.
  15. Why go 2-door unless you have to?

    Interesting....seems the 4 door version is better off road than the 2 door version. Maybe the 2 door should be relegated to mall crawling..... The 2 door struggles in more areas than the 4 door in these videos. Granted, both versions are very capable vehicles and no Bronco owner should be left...