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  1. 2 door Badlands, maybe a '21 after all?

    Was that just today? I heard previews happen on Tuesdays.
  2. Pics: Ford Accessory Hood Scoop and Fender Flares by Air Design installed on 2021 Bronco 2-Door Big Bend

    Brutal. Love to watch the team here tear this stuff apart. Agreed. Flared fenders don't look very good, and there hood seems nonfunctional and cheap.
  3. Did anyone's status change?

    On mine, it appears to be my original order. I have since added things to it, and the price on mine is lower than I am expecting to pay. This page probably just isn't up to date.
  4. 📬 9/16 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    It's still very unclear to me if more MY 21 builds will be scheduled... Seems like all the scheduled builds are being pushed to accommodate MIC builds, anyway.
  5. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    That's the absolute latest reservation I have ever seen scheduled.. 2021 reservation , Wow.
  6. Hammock swag gift thread

    Got mine today!
  7. I think this is Bronco is being made 5 days early? Would be good news for everyone

    I'm new to this, so where does one get to see the dealer invoice at? All I have is the paperwork I signed at the dealership which shows the MSRP...?
  8. Switching Dealership? Good idea or bad?

    I have been very unhappy with my salesperson at my local Ford dealership... I am always 2 steps ahead of him when it comes to information, mainly because I keep up with all your great information in this forum... Thanks, by the way! There are more senior people at the dealership who have...
  9. 📬 8/26 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Anyone have more information about the dealership allocation? My sales guy is not really a lot of help in trying to get me real information. He only answers my questions, which generally come from information I get on this forum.
  10. Bronco scheduling this week for production build weeks 9/20 and 9/27

    Mine is identical. What was your original reservation date? Congrats!
  11. No VIN Gang

    Hold the phone... Are you saying that only people with reservations on 7/14 have received a Bronco thus far? I missed that info all together on this forum... I'm a 7/26/20 reservation. Am I even technically in line at this point? Wow...
  12. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    Definitely helps, thank you. And it also straightened me out. I thought I was a day 1 order, but I guess my mind is slipping. Mine was 7/26/20. Thanks
  13. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    OK, so peicing together the process here... The dealership MIGHT know we will be getting the email? My priority code is 19 and I'm a soft top order. I thought the next step is that I could get an email directly from Ford. But then I just saw the comment about a "preview". Very confused...
  14. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    I don't think the email has anything to do with your dealership, does it? It comes from Ford, right?
  15. Switching to soft top

    What does "previewed" mean?
  16. Switching to soft top

    Is a Tow package really slowing production down? Anyone heard of those being produced lately? That is the one thing I am thinking of dropping in order to expedite. - BL, 2.7, SAS, LUXE, TOW.