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    Rumors: New Bronco to resemble Troller and powered by EcoBoost V6

    I reject your reality! WHY can't the Bronco compete with the Tahoe XL or Suburban XL. Larger (tougher) frame and maybe even a Power Stroke (I get all tingly thinking about that) . Larger footprint so four or more actual adults could fit inside comfortably. Maybe I just need to push for them...

    JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Dear God - Please - A Bronco with a power stroke and frame that can handle towing a camper or boat... PLEASE!!?? Sure I see all the Wrangler comparisons but I can dream can't I? I mean damn. Just the faintest hint to the Excursion is all I am asking for. My old Bronco (Just like OJ's) was...