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  1. Who is balancing the MPG of the Bronco with another good MPG vehicle?

    Same!!! Lol went from 8, to 12, to 14, now will be 18. Living the dream!!!
  2. Hossamus Prime

    Arkansas Broncos

    Congrats!! Looks like I have the identical build. Mine is on the way to Red River in Cabot as well. Can’t wait till we all get them.
  3. PSA: Soft top windows scratch easily

    Thanks for the heads up. Any pics of the damage? I would not have thought these would scratched up easily.
  4. I BROKE-IN my brand new BRONCO at Moab!!

    @broncoepic Nice vid, looks like so much fun1 How do you like those tires? Road noise bad? Seen any mud?
  5. 2021 Bronco Aftermarket Lighting Nighttime Field Test - Baja Designs & Rigid

    Better get out of there before that thing wants to mate.
  6. Bronco Tracker Down?

    Mine is jacked too. Also the JCT Pal Portal no longer shows tracking info for my shipment, it was pending. Now returns nothing.
  7. Washout Floors - a Closer Look

    Yup, I plan on just using a sponge and bucket to clean them out. Like hand mopping. Father has a 96 F-250 with no carpet, just a drop in liner for the floors, no plugs, and this what we did with it, worked well. I just don't want carpet because of dog hair, smells, and everything else it holds.
  8. Maxlider Style First Edition Bronco build delivered

    Is that the Matte Black Stripe?
  9. Hand out Sasquatches instead of ducks? (part 2, the conclusion)

    What about leaving mini salt blocks on the hoods? Since horses like them ya know? /s
  10. Bronco Build Process Guide! - Window Sticker, Blend Date, Production Rotation Number, Built & Shipped Emails, Delivery Date Estimates & More

    Got my built email today, but this what the Module Build Data shows. Also, something to note for others. i assumed my would be by rail since mine is going to Central Arkansas, but window sticker shows convoy. Great Guide, helped fill in a lot of blanks for me!!!!
  11. WTB: Wildtrak / First Edition Wheels & Tires

    Mine is being built this week, plan on off-loading the SAS Wheels and Tires
  12. My Bronco coming down the factory line pictures! - Thanks Ford & Jim Farley!

    Looks just like mine being built this week. Except i have a soft top.
  13. Update email on production.

    What I have found odd is that I have seen people with the same build as me, except maybe color, get moved out. Then last week mine moved up a week to this week. Dealer allocations playing a role in that maybe? But i fully expect mine to move out and not get built this week.
  14. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    thanks, havent done that. Been looking for more places to go out there, will be our 3rd trip there.
  15. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Heading up there for a week in 2 weeks, unfortunately i wont have mine yet, being built this week. But i did rent a Badlands for day while im there. Hitting up roaring fork and cades cove for sure that day!
  16. Hossamus Prime

    Arkansas Broncos

    You lucky dog!
  17. Hossamus Prime

    Arkansas Broncos

    Yeah, I'm not really expecting to see it until thanksgiving probably. I'm just excited something is happening.