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  1. $1500 deposit?

    They want a deposit? Then you want to agree on a price with no markups once it arrives
  2. Does the standard bumper (not modular) have crash bars that I can remove to fit 35s?

    I don’t think the crash bars have anything to do with the bumpers
  3. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Because they are not charging for the automatic trans now I think
  4. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    You sure? I thought it was just a different offset wheel
  5. The insanity of the manual trans Sasquatch pricing

    Im not one usually concerned about trade in value, but you will get more of the $4090 sasquash cost back when selling then you would if you threw on a set of wheels and 35’s, but that’s assuming you won’t upgrade the wheels anyways
  6. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Would this ‘22 conversion be a good time to get the dealer to sign the DORA saying no ADM?
  7. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    With sAs the price stays the same if I toggle between automatic and manual
  8. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!
  9. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    How can they charge $4090 for 2” more tire and wider fender flares
  10. 4WP coilovers - feedback / review?

    Seems high to me too, my Jeep on 35’s is 28# and is smooth. What does door tag say?
  11. Setting Factory Alarm AND Leaving Doors UNLOCKED?

    As far as I know, cutting the soft top to break in isn’t much of a thing, probably as common as smashing a window. I would think leaving the doors unlocked would be more tempting, there are thieves that would open a door but would not go as far as to cut a hole
  12. Moab Off-Roadeo Tempered My Enthusiasm

    I haven’t been to an off-roadeo but this is what I imaging my experience would be like. I will be doing little, if any, off roading in mine. That’s what the Jeep is for. It will be a great daily driver
  13. Drove my First Bronco - Ordering one on 10/13

    You’re a late orderer? You should have it by Thanksgiving
  14. Buying hardtop after delivery

    Jeep hard tops are close to $3k and have been around for many years. Used ones are around $1500 and readily available. Used Bronco hard tops will be rare for years and will fetch a premium as there are many people in your situation that will want one and be willing to pay
  15. Buying without test driving

    Hell, I’ve bought used cars and had shipped across country without even seeing them, never mind test driving.
  16. 🗓 2022 Bronco order bank opens October 13!

    Has it been confirmed you even get that?
  17. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    I’m a rock crawler. I’ve tried different motor sports and this one is the one I’ve had the most fun with. I’ve got about $50k into my Jeep and everything underneath is beat to hell, just part of the game. I will not be doing the same thing with the Bronco, I’ve learned my lesson.