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  1. Ford Pass rewards

    Dealers can't order Broncos for sale. Likely what happened, someone ordered the truck in July of 2020. When they went to finalize the order, the dealer added markup and the person bailed. Then the dealer sold it to you with the 10K markup. But if the dealer does this by just selling to...
  2. As much as it pains me to write this, I think that I have finally been pushed too far...

    Yup. Real story is that they just can't make the damn things. How many have been actually delivered to the name matched reservation holders? 5%? 10%? I'm dumb for falling for this reservation system. It was only used to keep us on the hook. We should have gotten the message in May when Ford...
  3. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    Lol. Didn't think of that. Maybe Ford told him to quit OPENLY calling reservation holders idiots. Please only call reservation holders idiots privately.
  4. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    Good news. Levine will now help us with dealers who charge ADM. It appears having a female Twitter pic will get you right into his DMs.
  5. Will Ford ever Ramp Production to Reasonable Level ? . . When ?

    Lol. Ford has us complaining about how the deck chairs are arranged (allocations) when the real news is the ship is going down (not even getting out of the dock).
  6. What is a “buildable” two door order for MY22?

    This is the one thing Ford has been clear on. The only "buildable" 2 door is a 4 door BB soft top.
  7. There is something they aren’t telling me

    We all thought it was bad communication, but this is looking more and more deliberate. My belief has been there is still a serious production problem that has not been disclosed. Reasons I think this: 1. No reason to mix things up with allocations if Ford can fill a big percentage of the...
  8. Is a class action lawsuit in order?

    Not from reservation holders. The only potential cause of action that could have legs would be by shareholders. Someone could potentially show Ford internally knew it was facing massive delays while it still publicly stating it would fill most of the orders in 21. But this would be a tough...
  9. Thoughts on the reservation system

    The only thing that is really unacceptable is not giving the quarter build estimates. It's now clear they did not want to come clean about how many people would really get a 22 or 23.
  10. So, your dealer is charging you an ADM / Price Mark-Up, what can you do??

    I don't need legal advice from Ford. Nobody wants to prepare for litigation to buy a car.
  11. Big Dealerships dont want our Order transfers.

    Unless we can force a dealer to disclose their allocation and take our reservation transfer for MSRP there is really no ability to transfer. Even if Ford technically allows it.
  12. Big Dealerships dont want our Order transfers.

    Lots of little "technical" language like that. I feel like an idiot for buying into this process. Time for some serious honest talk about how long they are going to take to fill reservations.
  13. Twas the Night Before Build & Price and All Through the Forum...

    I don't know how the communication from Ford will end but I know how it will start. Prediction: We didn't really think this through and you can't change s***. Hello, We've all been waiting to get back to the wild for a long time now. You've been patient. And we thank you for that...
  14. Big Dealerships dont want our Order transfers.

    Who could have possibly seen this coming?? Muchos gracias for putting in the actual leg work.
  15. Which dealer for 2022 Bronco with high allocation and selling at MSRP?

    Hahahahahahahahaha. We all are. Ford has put us against each other. GLHF.
  16. So, your dealer is charging you an ADM / Price Mark-Up, what can you do??

    Can someone confirm Ford will/can force dealers to abide by a written agreement? It seems like Ford is (now) telling us to get a written agreement but also that they have zero say over what the dealers do. Will they actually step in or is Ford just giving out life/legal advice? I know...
  17. Twitter exchange ongoing with @mrlevine

    He has been pretty receptive up until now. It is clear he was told that the dealer allocation thing is 100% happening and to push back hard. He has been almost belligerent on this point. He must know his suggestion of calling all potential dealers and figuring out where you are in line...