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  1. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    Hopefully he (at least) paid for dinner.
  2. Combat Green Textured Wrap Bronco

    Looks great! But in all seriousness, love the textured wrap, but that orange and red...
  3. Possible remaining First Edition Bronco orders being canceled by Ford if not changed to non-FE trim [updated with official email]

    Why in the name of all that is holy can't we see the DETAILED information about our orders on That would have easily prevented these type of screw ups by the dealerships.
  4. The 2-Door Badlands Sasquatch Is Worth The Hype

    Wait, there's no third row? :)
  5. Pics: KC HiLites Bronco Steel Bumper Lighting (Overland Expo West)

    Can you still remove the bumper ends? Hoping there is a quick disconnect up in there somewhere. ( is it the connector with the red and white? )
  6. The 2-Door Badlands Sasquatch Is Worth The Hype

    My wife demanded a vehicle that can hold 7 COMFORTABLY, thus I went with the 4 door.
  7. jxc

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    @kypt I bet he went out and hasn't come back yet :) Hopefully with a nice trip report!
  8. Current next step?

    We all got ours. Surprised you haven't yet. :)
  9. Another example of Bronco price gouging

    Maybe we should all pitch in and but a dealership.
  10. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    Guy has a 'relationship' with this dealer for 20 years, sold him 20 cars, and yet here we are. Shows everything you need to know about this dealership.
  11. Bronco Off-Roadeo Las Vegas Photo Dump

    Great photos, looks like an awesome location and experience. The thing I hate about these pics is that, because I am not in love with the color I ordered, everytime I see great pics I change my mind :) --- We shall see what happens come October :) Thanks for sharing!
  12. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    Will be interesting to see he quality of the new hard tops. Let's hope the fix is effective.
  13. '22 Price Protection - but in the other direction?

    The vehicle shortage is not going to be over in 12-15 months. I''ll take the MRSP lock. Worst case back out of your order and wait some more. Maybe two years from now things will be back to 'normal'. It will be interesting to see how the automakers respond to rebuilding retail inventory...
  14. Disappointed, not one full size in 600 miles

    We drove from Philadelphia to Ann Arbor and back this past weekend and only saw one ( and it was on a trailer )... Figured we were bound to see a bunch in MI, but no luck :(
  15. Rewind 53 years at MAP...

    You'll note that the order didn't have the MIC top :)
  16. I broke my Bronco Top! Smashed my soft top into garage wall

    Zoom in a little, I can't see the detail.
  17. Article: Ford Is Embarrassed By The Ford Bronco Hard Top Problems, Decides To Replace Them All (We know)

    From the article: “It’s around the hardtop edges ... When you get extreme water or humidity, that’s when it’s causing the unsatisfactory appearance,” Grueber told me. I'm glad they're addressing it, but they would be better served by not sugar coating the issue - the problem isn't due to...
  18. Rear MIC Top Weight (69.4 lbs) and Home Made Ceiling Hoist

    My (probably unwarranted) concern would be deforming the top by supporting it this way. Maybe add some sort of spacer/spreader across the bottom to counter the inward focused stresses that are being induced by your rigging.