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  1. Uncle Gump

    Today’s Teaser: Ford Bronco Stickers Preview Paint Colors and Trims

    If this isn't printed on a poster and available to buy... I'm just gonna buy a used yugo
  2. Uncle Gump

    Join Bronco6G For Our Live Bronco Reveal Viewing Party Next Monday! And Win Some Bronco Swag

    Maybe I should create a new pizza... call it the Bronco Buster. What toppings should it have?
  3. Uncle Gump

    Join Bronco6G For Our Live Bronco Reveal Viewing Party Next Monday! And Win Some Bronco Swag

    Well... that makes up my mind where I will view the reveal. I do own a pizzeria... Monday is maintenance day. I will be bringing home a thin crust Ham Bacon and Pineapple pizza... with a bit of BBQ sauce.
  4. Uncle Gump

    Blocked from Sound Thread

    Some times ya just have to laugh....
  5. Uncle Gump

    What gimmicky options would interest you

    Two door on a four door wheelbase... factory decked system in the rear... with a half cab option. And... a real tailgate with a swing out tire carrier.
  6. Uncle Gump

    Today’s Teaser: 2021 Bronco’s All New Off-Road Capable Tire

    I only wish it had a tailgate... it does say "new" tire... would be nice if Goodyear made this tire specifically for the Bronco.
  7. Uncle Gump

    Bronco engine sounds featured in new official teaser video!

    Maybe the key word in this thing never getting a turbo V6 is.... "Former"
  8. Uncle Gump

    Bronco teaser at Mike Levines Twitter

    Maybe it's a nod to full size Bronco...
  9. Uncle Gump

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    Looks like a pretty robust driveshaft flange... That cover has a couple extra bolts over an 8.8 too.
  10. Uncle Gump

    Ford targets April 14 to resume US production

    Army core of engineers is converting Chicago's McCormick Place into a 3000 bed hospital... with a finish date nearing the end of April. While I try to stay optimistic... any parts of NORMAL business will likely be well into May perhaps June timeframe.
  11. Uncle Gump

    Plan B

    Plan B... Will probably mean I settle for a 4 door Bronco. Because I really want a 2 door long wheel base version.
  12. Uncle Gump

    Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    That's a total "Debbie Downer" right there. I think it may get delayed... but they have far to much invested at this point to not deliver the goods.
  13. Uncle Gump

    Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    While I do understand why the reveal was postponed... I'm sure hoping Ford throws us a little bone today. Would be nice to have a little something different to think about and take our minds off the current challenges we all face at this point in time. I for one need something positive to think...
  14. Uncle Gump

    Coronovirus discussions

    I totally understand that... when is it going to be "safe"? I just received a text from an employee that stated... "I don't feel comfortable working this week while this virus is around". I replied... You know that the virus will be around until July or August right? I haven't heard anything...
  15. Uncle Gump

    Coronovirus discussions

    I ditto what was said... be safe out there
  16. Uncle Gump

    Coronovirus discussions

    The death rate isn't what scares me honestly... However it is a concern. But I will ask... do you own a business? A business that employs over 20 people that you care about and they count on your paycheck you deliver weekly? Have you invested everything into that business and it relies on...
  17. Uncle Gump

    Coronovirus discussions

    It's about time you pull your head from out of your... It's here... it's gonna stay... and we will be feeling it's effects for a long time.
  18. Uncle Gump

    What if 2-door Bronco is longer than it looks?

    You are the type that only hears themselves in some sort of weird way... Nobody said anything like that but yourself... just you. You need to pay attention!
  19. Uncle Gump

    What if 2-door Bronco is longer than it looks?

    Oh I've been paying attention... and "your whole point" is that we are "Dumbos"... "wrong" and we should "pay attention!" to you. I see there are 5 people posting in this thread that say they would like a longer wheel base 2 door. I also think you're short sighting this Bronco thing... it...
  20. Uncle Gump

    What if 2-door Bronco is longer than it looks?

    Here is what I would like to see... this is coming from a guy who has had one or two Rangers in the driveway since 1988. So I'm pretty comfortable in small 2 seat truck... Give me the 2 door in a 4 door wheel base... with a hard top. Then I will take a "decked" system with pull out drawers and...