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  1. Jalisurr

    Spied: 2021 Bronco Interior Full Look @ Dash, Screen, Console, 4WD Drive Mode Dial!

    Very happy to see the 4A. Now I just need to see it together with a manual transmission
  2. Jalisurr

    So, what does "Several roof options" really mean?

    Doesn't have to be a cage, per se, but any new convertible will either have a visible roll hoop behind the seats, or one that is hidden but deploys in the event of a rollover. The hidden style isn't really feasible in an SUV form factor:
  3. Jalisurr

    Bronco engine sounds featured in new official teaser video!

    I like the hairpin turn at the end there. Looks like pretty soft suspension, lots of movement you can see they have to correct for. Engine sound is...completely acceptable.
  4. Jalisurr

    Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    2 door, swb, IFS, off-road oriented. Nothing else does that.
  5. Jalisurr

    Leaked pics: IFS, 7spd manual shifter (w/ crawler gear), sway bar disconnect, top latch, EcoBoost engine, AUX switches, front & rear lockers!

    Hmm. I'm glad that they are working on a hard core slow speed version to fight the Rubicon, that's important for credibility. Looks like I'll definitely be waiting for a Raptor version instead of this though, for my usage I need a front LSD instead of locker, and a 4A or full-time position for...
  6. Jalisurr

    Video: Camouflaged 2 Door Bronco Caught Driving

    Ok now I'm gonna have to use a jumpbox to make an account there just to spite you :D
  7. Jalisurr

    Video: Camouflaged 2 Door Bronco Caught Driving

    Also don't forget that there are no Canadians allowed on the other one....I can't go there even if I wanted to. ...ok I could bounce through a box in the US to get there but it's the principal of the thing.
  8. Jalisurr

    Bronco Raptor availability upon release

    Yeah, this. There will definitely be a Rubicon-esque version at launch to prove off-road credibility. The 'Raptor' will be a step above that, whether for desert running or something else remains to be seen. That said, while I'm not 'concerned' per se that it won't be available until...
  9. Jalisurr

    just maybe..... closest 2 door Bronco render yet?

    Yeah, I'm definitely not a fan of the 'uncut' fenders on the original Broncos. I'm hoping they won't be nodding back to that styling on the new one.
  10. Jalisurr

    just maybe..... closest 2 door Bronco render yet?

    I'm not a big fan of the wheelarches being at different heights. There's what looks like about an inch more gap between the beltline and the top of the rear arch than the front. Makes it look lopsided.
  11. Jalisurr

    What's next?

    Hope we get some hint soon. I'm bored and haven't been reading a lot of the threads because it's the same old discussions. I'd rather know when it'll be revealed for sure even if it won't be for another couple months than to sit here and not have any idea.
  12. Jalisurr

    Plan B

    I haven't heard anything about a 2 door renegade? If you mean the wrangler 2 door, then because SFA. Doesn't work well going quick.
  13. Jalisurr

    What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    How long do you think it takes to develop a vehicle? 5 years is pretty quick for a completely new from the ground up design. I'd much rather wait a bit longer and get something good than have it be rushed and crap. Something that can actually sway jeep owners released in a year from now is far...
  14. Jalisurr

    What’s your dealbreaker for new Ford Bronco?

    Makes sense. Not wise to be spending your entire annual income on a vehicle. The people in the first category are better off looking at older used ones if they want a jeep, would be interesting to see the same poll on a non-JL specific jeep forum.
  15. Jalisurr

    Base 2021 Bronco starting price

    Well, you may be right. I'm far from any sort of expert on new CUV pricing, so I'm certainly open to be surprised. I won't be in the market for one either way. I just can't help but feel that if the only thing the Escape has going for it is a couple inches between the wheels and the Bronco...
  16. Jalisurr

    Base 2021 Bronco starting price

    I can't say I agree. Two things: -2" of wheelbase doesn't come close to telling the whole story for size. The overhangs of the Sport may be larger, and it's certainly taller with a roomier cargo area. It may also have a larger wheel/tire package which negates some of the wheelbase difference...
  17. Jalisurr

    Base 2021 Bronco starting price

    This is the first I'm hearing anything about the Sport being smaller than the escape. I had the same impression as it sounds like everyone else, that the sport would essentially be an offroad, beefier version of the escape. Unless the doors are super short, or the wheels are really small to...
  18. Jalisurr

    Top speed

    Here's the highlights from last year, including a few good shots of some high speed stuff:
  19. Jalisurr

    Top speed

    Go look up some footage of the Dakar The top speed those guys are hitting in the dunes is around 180km/h which is about 110mph.
  20. Jalisurr

    Left foot braking

    Hmm, that's disappointing to hear, thanks for chiming in. Is that true even in 4wd, and/or with traction/stability control disabled?