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  1. Will 2021 order roll over or need new 2022 order?

    Never trust a dealer when the answer they give you is the laziest possible answer. Also don't most dealers for any other circumstance either, but especially if they are trying to skip out on work that doesn't directly line their pockets.
  2. The Ultimate Bronco Raptor Engine

    I have no problem with the 3.0tt, but with the 392 on the market they better come in starting at 60k or less if they aren't offering equal power. Don't be surprised if there is a warthog package with 37s.
  3. Delivery mileage

    Used to sell Fords. Brand new cars coming straight off the truck could easily have 30 miles before any pdi or test drives. Rarely higher. Most under 15, but I still consider under 30 normal. With PDI and gas up I'd be fine with under 40 without thinking any dealership employee went joyriding...
  4. Just ordered my 2022 Badlands today, had 7/19 original reservation.

    Just get the soft top with the hard top prep kit. You'll get yours much much sooner that way
  5. Difference Between Priority 10 & 19?

    priority codes only matter when compared with priority codes within the same dealership. if one dealer uses 50 as a base line and another uses 15 as a base line, it doesn't matter. That being said, most use 10-19 because they don't feel like explaining this to customers over and over...
  6. Black Outer Banks on the Outer Banks

    in true outer banks style it looks like they didn't air down even a little bit
  7. Priority Code 99 means?

    code 10-98 is fine. dealers use 10-19 because who wants to take half an hour to explain to someone that a code 15 at one dealer doesn't beat a code 50 at another. But you are right. code 99 means don't build. that's not a 21 bronco thing, or even a bronco thing, that's a Ford thing.
  8. Portable Air Compressors - Tire Fill Times

    I currently own a makita 12v cxt air compressor (MP100DZ). Wondering how long your harbor freight 12v takes to fill your tires. I've never worried about the makita filling car tires, but with a 50% duty cycle (5min on 5min off) and 315/70s sounding like a lot of air I'm not sure how many 4.0ah...
  9. Finally picked up my two door MIC top!

    Second 2dr basesquatch I've seen posted recently. Love it. Can't wait for mine (gonna have to though. Late Chapman res means I guess I'm getting the face-lift at this point)
  10. 1st night 2 door Bronco reservations, are things coming together yet?

    I thought the quickest path to 37s was 2inch spacer on squatch suspension?
  11. Picked her up today and stranded due to coolant leak. RESOLVED: Secure your hose with a zip-tie!

    2dr basesquatch in Carbo Grey. AKA the camouflaged giant, AKA Blurry Bigfoot. How to stand out without shouting. That's how I want mine, but I have to say after seeing the real thing pictured, instead of just a render, those beauty rings need a coat of paint. Either Grey like the nonsquatch BL...
  12. Bronco seats uncomfortable?

    You need to diagnose the problem. First things first have someone else drive your car and you be the passenger and tell us if the seats are still uncomfortable. If yes then you need new front seats. If no, then it's a pedal placement issue like you said. Figure out the exact issue before you...
  13. Advice on Dealer Swapping Prices

    Do people really just gladly hand away a grand this easily? Stop looking at the financing numbers and pull a grand out of your pocket right now and burn it. Was it easy? Then sure you can pay 1k over on a bronco. Can't throw away 1k right now? Don't do it over 5 (or God forbid 6 or 7) years...
  14. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    Everyone has tried manual mode on an automatic. It's a pale imitation. I hate it. Part of the enjoyment of driving stick comes from the enjoyment of doing it well. Nothing in an automatic feels anywhere near engaging as a nice heel toe rev match downshift. What's the equivalent in an automatic...
  15. They do attract attention

    According to Ford mine wont be available until 2025. But then again that might mean I'm one of the very first people with the facelift and yall will be peering in my windows
  16. They do attract attention

    Depends. Are their windows wide open with no coverings? Do I know with 100% certainty they are not home? Is their house sitting in the middle of property open to the public? Is there any chance I would be interested in buying a home with the exact same interior? There are tons of reasons why...
  17. BaseSquatch mod questions

    all vehicles sold beyond may 2018 must have backup cameras by law. because manufacturers were given 4 years to prepare for this, and generally don't like to make mid-model year changes if they don't have to, you can just assume that means all MY18 and up have it. why would you want to ditch the...
  18. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    i back into spots when the spot is harder to get out of than in to. I also like to back in to spots when i'm parking facing a curb, though that is probably a relic of my pickup truck (bed overhang leaves less poking into the lot) and sedan (rear bumper has camera and usually more clearance than...
  19. So this is why the current market is stupid.

    Letting family live rent free is just enabling them. If my son moves home after college he's paying rent, and considering he'll still be eating my food for free, i won't even feel bad about charging him standard market rate for a room for rent in my area. That being said, unbeknownst to him...
  20. So this is why the current market is stupid.

    If you really expect this falsely propped up economy to continue to pump out 18%, then have at it. Personally I see a crash coming and pulled all my money (except my 401k and my sons 529, which as much longer term investments will have plenty of time to rebound). If the market dips and settles...