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  1. MY22 Ordering Codes

    If your dealer gives you some line about why it is 99'd I know someone on here earlier got on the phone with Ford and the Rep called that members dealer while they were on the phone and got them to change it to a buildable code.
  2. Rear bumper…does this seem right?!

    Close enough for government work.
  3. MY22 Ordering Codes

    Mine is coded 10.
  4. ITS HERE!

    That is awesome, congratulations.
  5. 2021 Bronco Redline QuickLift ELITE Gas Hood Strut Kit 21-11040-03

    In one section, in bold it says for Bronco Sport only, then down below it says 2 door and 4 door and that it will not fit the Sport. Can you clarify? Thanks
  6. Are you getting hood struts? Which ones?

  7. Day 7 and still no email from Ford?

    I put in my order last Wednesday with my dealer and he gave me my updated DORA. No Ford e-mail (not expecting one), but I went on the Ford Performance chat yesterday and they looked me up by my order number and sales number and I am in fact in their system as re-ordered for a 2022. Don't sweat...
  8. Picked her up today and stranded due to coolant leak. RESOLVED: Secure your hose with a zip-tie!

    I understand and I agree, but we know it's not going to happen here. I'm just exhausted from all the caustic threads. This is a great Forum and I have learned so much from so many here, but since I joined a year ago, so many of the knowledgeable/helpful contributors have stopped posting and...
  9. Picked her up today and stranded due to coolant leak. RESOLVED: Secure your hose with a zip-tie!

    Play nice. We see your dealer of choice, don't make this about that please. You catch more flies with honey.
  10. Wow this First Edition ADM?!?!

    A fool and their money soon shall part.
  11. Grab Handels DIY

    Remember when we didn't have airbags?
  12. Grab Handels DIY
  13. Not getting Fordpass points

    You must have had an FE or Mod/Dual Tops ordered. Below is the e-mail we got if we didn't have any of those things ordered. No 200k Hello, We're happy to report that Broncos are officially rolling off the production line. Here. We. Go. But the ongoing challenges...
  14. Not getting Fordpass points

    If you had a MOD/Dual top ordered and were bumped. Do you have the rest of the e-mail? Pretty sure it was in relationto Mod/Dual tops, maybe not.
  15. Not getting Fordpass points

    200k was for people that were being bumped from MOD/Dual tops technically.
  16. Not getting Fordpass points

    Pretty sure your dealer has to activate them for you somehow. Important Bronco Reservation-Holder Information View Online BRONCO™ SUV UPDATE Hello, We know you are excited to get your new Ford Bronco™, and we are committed to delivering a high‑quality product as...
  17. 2022 Orders

    You cannot order on the website, you can Build & Price on the website, print it and take it in or e-mail it to your dealer. My suggestion to you would be to pick a dealer and go in and order and make sure you walk out with a DORA.
  18. When Can I Place An Order???

    Welcome to the Forum btw.
  19. When Can I Place An Order???

    The 13th is when a ton of us reordered. If your dealer said he/she cannot or don't want to order yet I would suggest you start looking elsewhere.