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  1. Feeling Green? What color are you leaving behind on your 22 order?

    I order Oxford White and later decided to switch to Antimatter Blue when I had to order MY22. Now I am excited to be getting EG. I think that it will be popular but it is a bit more polarizing than A51 so hopefully I won't see one at every stoplight. Antimatter Blue will have to wait for the...
  2. I guess I’m joining the fun!

    Congratulations and welcome!
  3. Who caved on the MIC top for 22?

    Sept reservation. Switched in attempt to get it sooner. I plan to shop the aftermarket for a hard top later. ADV fiberglass with the slight slope is looking good.
  4. Do we receive a new email when re-ordering a 2022 model?

    Thanks for the link. The information displayed matches my MY22 DORA. The bronco image is off but I am used to that.
  5. Successful Dealer Reservation Change?

    I received my MY22 DORA today. Code 19. Time to sit back and wait.
  6. Anybody excited about their 2022 conversion and why?

    I am very excited. Up to now I have been code 99 with no hopes of being built. I am a Sep reservation so my odds are low but did just improve. I just received the MY22 DORA from my dealer and I am a code 19, dropped mod top to the soft top. I feel like I am finally in the game. Time to wait...
  7. Bought snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 315/70R17

    You have a good point. Width has an affect on traction and it is not that common to find narrow tires that are tall. To each their own though.
  8. Bought snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 315/70R17

    I like what I have read about the tire but I will probably drop down to a 33 or 32 for winter since they are not as wide.
  9. First Night Out-Fish Camp

    The term Fish Camp reminds me of Philmont Scout Reservation in NM, Good times.
  10. Aftermarket Hardtops When?

    I hope the 4dr top has the same slope as the 2dr image! Looks great.
  11. Bronco Stash! Are you buying gifts for the new member of your family?

    on order - bring your own device bar researching and will not purchase until Bronco is scheduled air compressor - probably arb protable so I can move between vehicles fog lights for the modular HD bumper - liking diode dynamics seat covers - waiting to see what bartact produces aftermarket...
  12. Bronco Stash! Are you buying gifts for the new member of your family?

    I have picked up a few small items but I am holding off on bigger ticket items until I get news that I am scheduled. Hopefully sometime in 22
  13. DIY Cargo Area Platform - J McBride Clone

    Nice use of the Kreg, Mine has been very usefull
  14. I'm going to miss this section

    I get it! I am excited to put my order back in and make a few changes to improve my odds of being selected for a build. Hellooo soft top.
  15. I'm going to miss this section

    Congrats!, Don't be a stranger. I will still be coming here even after I pick my Bronco up (hopefully sometime in 2022). There will be plenty of good info to get here as a Bronco owner. Lots of tips, issues, fixes, aftermarket item reviews, reviews on places to take trips too, meet ups, etc.
  16. Maxlider Front Bumper

    I would like just the bull bar that is constructed to be compatible with the stock HD modular bumper
  17. Anyone know anything about aftermarket Bronco Hard Tops?

    Scroll down thru this. They have some in the works
  18. MY2022 Reveal / B&P when?

    The B & P is likely to be buggy for a good while. I am interested in the 22 order guide. The F150 22 order guide has been published already.