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  1. A-Pillar/Ditch light Light Kits

    Problem is mounting that 40" bar right now. Nobody really makes a universal bracket. Everybody makes a mounting system for their light bar. But this is $1,376.96 with the 50" S8 Bar. Or did you want to put a...
  2. Auto Stop/Start Disable (FORSCAN Method)

    Sounds like a personal problem
  3. A-Pillar/Ditch light Light Kits

    I mean... sure they look purdy... we'll see how well they look in a year after they rust
  4. Hardmounted ARB dual compressor with quick connect port installed

    Looks good, but you should install the ARB remote air filter set. You don't want your air intakes down low. You want them higher. We're currently developing (I'm 3D printing a test one right now) brackets to hold an ARB Twin Compressor under the hood. So we'll post on here when we're ready.
  5. Non-Sasquatch Badlands Cyber Orange featuring Rigid, Baja Designs, Bronco Depot, Fuel and Toyo

    Looks good. If you could do it again you would buy direct from Rigid? no no no, you'd buy from US :) We sell Rigid also
  6. Rear License Plate Relocation

    Well if there is a market for it, we could design one. It would probably run about $200 though in the end, as we only make exterior parts from Stainles/Aluminum + Powder Coat Them. So it comes at a premium over regular steel. Not sure anybody would want a $200 rear license plate bracket (as it...
  7. Husky Floor Liners & Cargo Mats In Stock

    Not sure
  8. KR Off-Road Front License Plate Bracket Now Available

    Batch #2 is en route to us. We should have them next week (and then a week for powder coating). So batch #2 will be arriving sooner then we expected!
  9. Rear License Plate Relocation

    So Baja Designs makes one: But you can't just bolt it right up. They do offer this rear license plate as part of their reverse light kit. They are able to do this because the reverse light kit includes a...
  10. Headlight Lumens?

    Well the Baja SAE Fogs are FOG LIGHTS. They are not headlights. So you will gain some coverage right in front of the truck but it's not designed to go down range. To get additional lighting down range legally you don't have any real options, because you can't throw light down range really...
  11. Headlight Lumens?

    You're most likely not going to find what you are looking for. Aftermarket lighting companies advertise RAW lumens (and some also add real world lumens). I can tell you on an 13th Gen F150 I've measured 950 lux with halogens, 1310 lux with OEM LED and 2720-4200 lux with Morimotos aftermarket...
  12. Wiring Install for Baja Triple Fog Lights using Weather Packs and 4X4TruckLED Wiring Loom

    Nice write-up. I wanted to do this on shop truck but we don't have upfitters (the wires are there, but we didn't get our truck with upfitters). So i'm using a switch panel for now. So no real need for the quick disconnect since I can just unscrew the terminal. BUT this is a great way to keep a...
  13. A-Pillar/Ditch light Light Kits

    We just received a nice batch of Baja Designs A-Pillar Kits in! If you've had an order in our queue it will be shipping today/tomorrow. Not yet ordered? What are you waiting for!! They are in stock and will ship within 24 hours from our warehouse!
  14. ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor In Stock (Limited Supplies)

    We will list more details as they are closer to becoming available
  15. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    So I didn't look around too much but I did not see a harness above my sunglass holder/overhead console. It's my believe there is a harness that Ford must install at the factory if you get upfitters that goes from the overhead console... SOMEWHERE. I'd hope it maybe goes into the a-pillar area...
  16. New Product: KR Off-Road Triple Fog Light Kit w/Baja Designs Lights (Now Shipping!)

    Doing some quality control checks (making sure all the components are there) and putting kits together to go out the door today (That's a hot mess of harnesses, this is why we make our own all-in-one harness, to avoid anybody having to sort through so many different harness components)
  17. ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor In Stock (Limited Supplies)

    Yes we are in the process of developing a bracket. It'll be the same bracket for both with hole patterns for both
  18. ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor In Stock (Limited Supplies)

    That sounds like an issue with your installation. ARB's have been installed in engine bays for years upon years in all sorts of places in the world. Did you happen to have your ARB installed near the firewall/front driver side tire? If so you needed a heat-shield to stop it from overheating as...
  19. ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor In Stock (Limited Supplies)

    There is no discount on ARB, sorry. These have very strict pricing policies and cost us a fortune to ship.
  20. ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor In Stock (Limited Supplies)

    Wherever you can find a spot. A popular place is in the rear. You can bolt it to the side if you want or on the rear swing out door as well. We're currently developing a mounting system for the engine bay.