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  1. Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept

    Yeah agree on the graphics. Too much for me. I'd hope you can order it without them. But minus the graphics it's a nice setup if it comes from the factory.
  2. Expedition Timberline Off-Grid Concept I know I'm in the minority on here hoping/dreaming for an eventual full-size Bronco.... but this Expedition overlanding concept is a pretty damn sweet setup.
  3. I'm all in. - Selling my daily driver without a Bronco plan.

    You've always been a good man on the forums Mr Danger. Hope that karma pays off on your auction. Cheers to a high final sale price!
  4. Electric GMC HUMMER EV to be revealed during NCAA Final Four

    I actually like the idea but this will be a "novelty" vehicle in that price range ($80k-$120k) considering it has a fairly limited range even at the top end of the pricing.