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  1. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    You mean the same community member that danced a jig in other threads insulting other community members for making reservations with a smaller dealer (before Ford changed the allocation rules, again) and THEN lobbied the world on his behalf to rally around him and his unsigned-by-the-dealer...
  2. Is a class action lawsuit in order?

    It was only a matter of time. I doubt this will be the last one (may not even be the first). Have fun, but count me out.
  3. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Eh, old news. It did that long before this nonsense started - discussed and addressed a long time ago in a different Granger thread. Should it work like that? Probably not. Is this some nefarious secret payback to further squelch Granger? Not if it's been like that pretty much all along...
  4. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Mike Levine advising customers how this isn't Ford's fault . . .
  5. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    True enough. It's so sad how many people seem to live a life driven by a constant need for schadenfreude; it's so surprising that so many of them seem to hang out here. Well, probably a slow day in Mom's basement I guess.
  6. Twitter exchange ongoing with @mrlevine

    I've cut Ford a lot of slack through all of this . . . but, really, at this stage (and pardon my language) it seems like Ford couldn't have fucked this up any more if they had set out with the single mission statement of "Let's fuck this launch up worse than anyone has ever fucked anything up...
  7. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Thank you for being, as always, open honest and transparent with us about what's going on (and thank you for sharing the interesting backstory on your family and the Granger journey). I guess I'm lucky as I have no actual *need* for a new vehicle so waiting even longer isn't a huge deal for me...
  8. Parking Garages- Overall height With Lift?

    Eh, that assumption will get a roof sheared off right quick around here. My garage entrance is only 6'5" and the one next door is only 6'3". Lots of similar garages nearby.
  9. 2022 Bronco Order Guide Comes Out 10/8

    But Standard Time doesn't start back up until November . . . ?
  10. Northern Illinois

    Unless something has changed very recently at this time it is not possible to change dealers.
  11. I've read much and still unclear. If I am starting from scratch and want a '22 should I put in a reservation now or wait

    I don't believe you can enter a new reservation at this specific time, probably not until MY22 order banks open or close to that date.
  12. Soft Top Owners, How Are You Liking It?

    Don't you need a top that seals to keep all the smoke out? :)
  13. 2022 Model Year Bronco Order Primer

    Will the hardtop prep-kit continue in MY '22 for those that go soft top?
  14. Dealer not selling me my Bronco

    I don't know man, but if somebody posted something for sale that they didn't own I'd be pretty pissed off at that kind of SOB . . . which would be you. Douche.
  15. I'm #4 at Granger now (Some crazy info)

    I'm probably #2 on a number of dealers' lists but it has nothing to do with sequencing. 😉
  16. So, what does your Badlands smell like??

    Broken promises and shattered dreams . . . J/K!
  17. Parking with the top off...

    Frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers
  18. Free Hardtop Prep Kit - FordPass Reward Points

    So has it been confirmed, then, that what is being called a "kit" is actually pre-installed? I admit not being able to keep up with the various updates on the very fluid HT situation and Ford's responses, but I had thought that the "kit" was just all the wiring/switchgear/etc one would need to...