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  1. Any Luck Transferring MY21 Order to Another Dealership?

    My daughter was looking at Bronco Sports , saw one she like at a dealer website. We visited the dealer this morning and they had added an additional $5k in what they called Upfit. They could not show us what additions had been made. Needless to say we left. Then the salesman followed us out...
  2. Any Luck Transferring MY21 Order to Another Dealership?

    Boys these little horror stories are leaving me leery. They want 10-20 K more, dealer won’t talk with you. May have to wait 5 or 6 years for stupidity to calm down
  3. Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    Like someone else stated it’s a Ford the others are not, it’s a Bronco the others are not. So in reality nothing else compares.
  4. Bronco Won’t Start

    Just put more uranium in the reactor.
  5. Details & update for 2021 Bronco Badlands with steering rack failure on King of the Hill K2 Trail

    That’s pretty sad the dealer wouldn’t warranty the issue as it’s looks to me to be an issue. Sure the customer found the weakest link in the drive train. It’s an off road vehicle, they should fix it.
  6. MIC 2.0 (?) Hardtop Closeup Pics on 2021 Bronco

    Tooling needs a little more cleanup
  7. True Brushguards

    Much better job on this one. I like it!
  8. Jeep Gladiator vs Wildtrak Bronco test drive

    Like the idea of a diesel in a bronco, would love to have a Troller with a diesel. Those are good vehicles.
  9. Bodyguard Bumper for 2021 Bronco - front bumper with camera relocation and winch

    Needs a bit more for me, maybe some more like the A2 Extreme add some additional brush guards, maybe some expanded metal. It’s getting better.
  10. True Brushguards

    Been there and done that too. Hit more deer one year than most folks saw hunting. Pigs are rough on your undercarriage, even chased down a javelina or two. Need something tough, maybe something to keep brush off too and keep the deer from hopefully not rolling up the hood. I do like the one...
  11. True Brushguards

    That’s getting close, needs a bit more.