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  1. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    I always thought I was alone in loving the look of the avalanche. This looks like a modern avalanche and I love that. Slap a duramax in this thing and charge half, then I'd be really interested. For the foreseeable future, I have zero interest in any EV or hybrid. Other than the EV aspect, I...
  2. Video: 6'3" guy climbs in and out of 2 door Bronco rear seats (+ full review)

    It's a lot better than my suzuki samurai...
  3. How it all began...PG 13

    Best of both worlds
  4. Ram trying to steal some thunder...

    It's completely badass and hopefully pushes the raptor back into V8s
  5. What the hell is going on here?

    I remember him saying very basic and boring. Like a car with a bed. Great for a construction company that want a bed for plywood and 2x4s, but not for offroad or towing. He straight up said he doesn't think anyone here would be excited about it. I just want a tiny offroad truck like the old...
  6. For those of you with families / kids, is it big enough?

    I've got 4 kids, no matter what we won't fit. I keep saying, since we all won't fit i get the 2 door. Just have to take something else with the whole family. The bronco is mine.
  7. 2025 Bronco Pickup details from sources close to the project (by Automobile)

    Yup. When I saw that I was just like "oooohhhh... That is perfect"
  8. 2025 Bronco Pickup details from sources close to the project (by Automobile)

    Can we all just admit that this proportionally just looks right? With the 4 door pickup, you end up with a vehicle too long to be a great offroader. Turning radius, breakover, and departure angles suffer. Jeep is also learning that they are kinda switching Wrangler owners into gladiator...
  9. Perfectly Content?

    I think anyone who is a fan of manual transmissions feels they are getting the shaft. Other than the restrictions on the manuals, I freaking love everything about the new bronco.
  10. How will your Broncos get used?

    A lot of hunting and fishing trips. Can't wait to tackle the little trails I've been afraid to take my 3/4 ton truck down. I would say daily driver as well, but I use my truck for work. So mostly weekend toy
  11. Homecoming! Launch Broncos (4 Door Cactus Gray & 2 Door Cyber Orange) on public display at Michigan Assembly Plant

    Is the 2 door only 2 seats in the back because they are in between the wheel wells? I may have to look for a small bench I can shove 3 kids on. The 2 door is just so much awesome
  12. Ford confirms folded rear seats will have slight incline and 4" step up from cargo floor

    On a scale of 1-10, 1 being I don't care and 10 being I care the most, this issue ranks "I don't give a shit". A complete non issue
  13. Side-by-Side Sighting: Sasquatch vs Non-Sasquatch Broncos and Jeep Wrangler Comparison

    I get the sentiment, it's one way to get manual with the offroad bits and 35s. But c'mon, the Badlands is 42k and then add tires on top of that. We don't know the cost of the squatch, but it should be well under the 12k difference to get the badlands. As awesome and exciting as the bronco is...
  14. Will a Sasquatch fit in a garage?

    I build custom homes, 99% of the homes we build have 8 ft tall garage doors. Maybe because here in Prescott AZ lifted trucks are so common. But 9 or 10 ft ceiling height is the new norm and an 8ft garage door isn't really much more expensive.
  15. So who thinks 2 door Bronco sales will be a bigger percentage than 2 door Wrangler sales?

    I'm one of the guys who was saying I want the 4 door. I've got 4 kids. After seeing the 2 door, I've change my mind. It looks so good. My whole family wouldn't fit in the 4 door anyways, gotta get the 2 door. Unless they somehow make a bench seat in the 4 door option then we can all squeeze...
  16. Sport mode causing me to switch from badlands to wildtrak

    I believe the bronco sport has paddle shifters. I hadn't payed much attention to that thing, but I think I remember that detail...
  17. Spare Rear Tire Delete

    As a carpenter I have dozens of M18 tool, everything from drills and driver's to the big tools like 12 inch miter saw, table saw, and chainsaw. It's amazing to have a completely cordless job site and everything in the M18 tool line kicks ass.
  18. First Look at Soft Top in Half Open Position on 2021 Bronco (4 Door)

    I keep saying I want a base manual+Sasquatch with zero other options..... Buuut. I gotta have a hard top, that just won't do.