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  1. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    This is the dealer I was "assigned" when I placed my reservation day 1 because it's the closest dealer to me. I had previous service issues with them when I took in my expedition and didn't want to buy from them but I figured I would give them a chance. I talked with them 2-3 times before I...
  2. Ordered a AMB with a MIC top. Now what? No AMB for MY22?

    yeah I don't see why with all that has happened they would take colors away, especially AMB and LB. I get LB at least because it was FE only but they should keep the AMB for another year. I was between AMB and VB... AMB being a little too dark and VB being too light so I was hoping for a LB...
  3. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

    No VIN. I've pushed to MY22 and per the email last week regarding tops, etc, maybe MY23. I'm part of the white top or body color top club.
  4. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

    LOL no worries.... Didn't think you did. I'm wondering why I didn't get the email! I just double checked and nothing. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

    Hmmm didn't see it. Thanks.
  6. Soft Tops Going To Dealer Stock

  7. Be careful out there.

    Considering the direction his sport was facing when it was on its roof, I'm guessing he was coming up the hill where the Hummer is at and was too far on the passenger side of the trail when he crested the hill and went over. From the one video it looked like the hill there is pretty steep and...
  8. Open Wheel Wells To Engine Compartment - Concern?

    Awesome! I appreciate the effort!
  9. Open Wheel Wells To Engine Compartment - Concern?

    Wait... You can see under the vehicle? Is that where the ball bearings go? I hear it's all ball bearings these days.
  10. Open Wheel Wells To Engine Compartment - Concern?

    Noticed this yesterday while at a Bronco event here in Pittsburgh. The front wheel wells have fairly large openings directly to the engine due to the way the control arms attach. My initial thought was concern for mud, salt, debris, etc.... Legitimate concern or nah? I asked the Ford...
  11. Searching For Dealer Event Schedule - FOMO

    I'm having a recurring nightmare... In the dream I log into 6G and see photos posted from a Bronco dealer event that took place at a local dealer near me... Yesterday! I missed it! I scream #$%@#$^!!!! and wake up in a cold sweat. What's everyone doing to make sure they don't miss out on a...
  12. Spotted: Electric Bronco @ Walmart

    Absolutely. I would definitely be a spectator but I quit doing stuff like that about 25 years ago. 😂
  13. Spotted: Electric Bronco @ Walmart

    Wow that is crazy! Dudes have to be hammered. 🍻
  14. Spotted: Electric Bronco @ Walmart

    True but I like the interior color scheme better on this toy Bronco! Plus it has the signature LED headlights, toggle switches, and upgraded stereo Lux package. I'm all in!
  15. Spotted: Electric Bronco @ Walmart

    Gotta get down to 60lbs. Save $50k. Diet starts today.
  16. Golf Clubs fit?

    Here's the thread - basically in the 4 door you have a 43" wide X 32" deep cargo area. As mentioned take into account the bump on the tailgate and the bump up by the seat back and the slanted seat back as well...
  17. Golf Clubs fit?

    We did the math in a different thread because my bag never leaves the back of my expedition currently and I wanted to make sure I could keep it in the back of the 4 door bronco most of the time without folding the seats down. The short answer was yes it will fit, driver included, diagonally...
  18. New photos = better idea of 4 door cargo dimensions. Est. 32.3” depth plus ~6” hump

    Makes sense. Need about 50" for clubs in the bag so that should work diagonally. 43" wide x 25 or 26 inches depth should get it. Thanks.
  19. New photos = better idea of 4 door cargo dimensions. Est. 32.3” depth plus ~6” hump

    This is great information and agree this photo gives an awesome perspective. Question for any golfers out there.... do we think we'll be able to put our clubs in the back of the 4 door and they'll lay flat? Probably have to place them at a 45 corner to corner. Anyone confirmed either way?