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  1. Bronco Meet With Site Members @ Ol'Florida Offroad Park

    Amazing video and props for testing your OBX's limits. When I first saw the Jersey barrier obstacle my first thought was those things have to be secured down somehow or else they are going over... only to see the A51 topple one over... glad your A51 partner eventually made it as well but the...
  2. Base Sasquatch Bronco wheeling in SoCal with 1" level kit, 37" KO2 tires, AC Fab Bumper and Sliders

    Nice BaseSquatch OP! Cool video too. The last 15 seconds looked like the most fun to me!
  3. Black Bear Pass Using Trail Turn Assist in Outerbanks Bronco 😲😱🤯

    OP telling that spotter he was going to veto the 3 point suggestion and use TTA on Black Bear switchback...
  4. Drone + Bronco vs G-Wagon and Wrangler @ Hungry Valley

    Me when that second song hit...
  5. 🎥: When you got a Braptor on your tail! 😂

    Damn that's wide! 🤯 Guys will be standing on their Braptors like Sir Mix-A-Lot! Braptor... got... back!
  6. Badlands vs Sasquatch Badlands

    I believe there is actually less travel on the sasquatch compared to the regular badlands.
  7. Lux wireless charging pad video?

    Wireless chargers are great but I prefer a dash mounted version and will most likely rarely use the built in charger. Its a great feature to have no doubt but I wouldn't suggest making a buying decision/upgrading for it alone. My 2 cents... 1) The design/location of the charger "well" on the...
  8. Video of camera views and other pics from Pittsburgh Bronco event

    Yes I was pleasantly surprised by A51 at the event. I'm a "blue" guy and A51 looked completely blue to me. I didn't notice any of the green/teal/aqua that I expected. Looking at some of the pics on this post (rear roll bars and front bumper) I do see the green a bit but I didn't notice it in...
  9. Video of camera views and other pics from Pittsburgh Bronco event

    Great pics and vid! We were there Wednesday and its interesting to hear your take because I kept saying to my wife while we were there how much of a difference there was between the FE and the BL because of the sasquatch w/ 35s. I must have been out of my mind excited seeing the Broncos...
  10. Carbonized Gray Outer Banks Sasquatch shows up at dealership

    I was playing for laughs but you are correct. 4 door base with soft top is listed at 73" which seems high but yes I'd imagine if that's accurate than a squatch with hard top would be at least 6'3". Throw a roof rack on a squatch (🤫shhhhh) and we're in 6'5"-6'6" territory? Crazy.
  11. Carbonized Gray Outer Banks Sasquatch shows up at dealership

    I think a squatched Bronco is about 6' high. Average male height in US is 5'9". Apparently average height of employees at Ford dealers is about 5'5".
  12. Carbonized Gray Outer Banks Sasquatch shows up at dealership

    black definitely looks better with top off. carbonized grey matches the mic top better.
  13. Antimatter Blue Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door with soft top retracted

    That is so nice. One of the few videos I think does the AMB justice. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Rendering: Fastback Hardtop on Four Door

    Not sure how I missed this post initially but these renderings are awesome! I think the fastback definitely helps make the four door look less "stretched". I would go for something like this for sure. I'd like to see what it would like with less of an angle. Maybe match the windshield or...
  15. More Broncos of Hammertown 🔨

    Me scrolling through the photos and seeing Bronco Sport pics included...
  16. First Edition Bronco in Lightning Blue! w/ Navy Pier interior....

    LB looks amazing! Funny how they don't put the MIC top on it before they start leaking pics. Afraid of ruining it? Hmmm... IMO that navy pier interior is a crime for a FE or for any automobile for that matter.
  17. First pics of rear cup holders and armrest - in 4 door leather WildTrak

    Me trying to fit in that middle seat....
  18. Best video of hells revenge I found

    Yeah that's crazy. I'm wondering more along the lines of that Jeep tour group taking out a novice and someone panics right at the beginning and just rolls it down the side? Those tour guides are pretty brave/trusting!