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  1. I got a VIN but not window sticker and a 11/8 build date should I be worried

    Appreciate it, I also put the order number and vin in the Ford tracker and the tracker through B6G and there is no build date assigned yet. I'll send you a screenshot tomorrow morning from my computer.
  2. I got a VIN but not window sticker and a 11/8 build date should I be worried

    I've been inputting my VIN into the window sticker generator weekly since last month and nothing yet so I'd like to think everyone here is being honest. The dealership has really good ratings/reviews so I'm going to stay positive. To me it doesn't matter when I get it but you are right in that I...
  3. I got a VIN but not window sticker and a 11/8 build date should I be worried

    So I have a VIN assigned since August, but just got the call from my dealer saying that it's getting converted to a 2022 model regardless. I though as well based on Ford's communication that all VINs assigned would be produced this year but I guess not if my experience means anything. I had a...
  4. Spotted thread - Calgary and Southern Alberta

    Well that was short lived, we thought it was getting built 1.5 weeks ago but I just got a call from the dealer and even though my order has been serialized and I have my VIN, my order is getting pushed to next year and I'll be getting a 2022 model. Oh well good thing I didn't sell my Jeep yet 😅
  5. Dashcam recommendation

    I've been running this 70mai pro dashcam in 3 of my vehicles and have zero complaints using it: It has a built in battery as well so when the car is parked it doesn't need any external battery or to connect to the car...
  6. Spotted thread - Calgary and Southern Alberta

    Oh man! I can't wait to get back out to Trans alta! Supposedly my Badlands was built a bit over a week ago so I think it's time to put my old girl up for sale.
  7. Dealership selling new Bronco for $72K+ over MSRP.

    For that money I would rather buy a G-Wagon and lift it on 33's.
  8. 🕵🏻‍♂️ Spied! 2022 Bronco Everglades Showing Winch, Snorkel, Roof Rack

    That snorkel is the biggest blind spot I've ever seen! Watch out pedestrians especially at night!
  9. Spotted thread - Calgary and Southern Alberta

    Saw a 4 door Wildtrack Carbonized Grey this morning cruising up 14th near Nose hill - pretty sweet and at first look it appeared to be lifted on bigger tires but getting up closer it was the stock 35s etc and with a very cool license plate - YETI UP! Absolutely perfect! Supposedly mine was...
  10. This is the worst dealer I have seen yet

    Oh man! That new Tundra hybrid TRD Pro is looking pretty good right now! If this happened to me I would likely ditch Ford as well and I've never even owned one yet!
  11. Spotted thread - Calgary and Southern Alberta

    I've seen the AMB MIC one parked in Kensington and a cactus grey soft top driving north on Deerfoot - both 4 door.
  12. 500 Mile Bronco Owner Review: Badlands on 37's with 3" lift

    Nice looking rig and great info on the tire pressure with 37s! It's actually interesting how many non-squatch, 2.3, soft top Broncos have been showing up on lots as regular dealer inventory, my cousin in Bellevue Seattle was at the Ford near him a couple weeks ago and they had three big soft top...
  13. What Did You Get(customer satisfaction cash)

    I got a generic email suggesting I look at the Ford lineup especially the Bronco and can place an order. I may not have made a reservation but I did order one and am waiting like everyone else. Why can't Ford use the email my order is associated with and send a little love??
  14. Mishimoto's Bronco 2.7 Catch Can R&D Thread

    Mishimoto catch can works terrific on my 2017 Camaro SS, every oil change it's about 1/4 full of dirty slop that would otherwise be in my intake. Looking forward to seeing results on this engine and how clean or dirty the catch can proves the blow by to be.
  15. Who's ready to tap out?

    Yeah I just saw a Rubicon last Saturday with this package, I didn't even know you could get the Extreme Recon package already in Canada. If I didn't have a VIN already I would be tempted for this as well! Pretty amazing stock clearance, gearing, etc.
  16. Dogs Getting In and Out

    My Jeep is 4" higher than stock and my 93lb amstaff american bully mix can launch himself onto the backseat or into the trunk, it will be interesting to see how he does getting into the squatched BL we have coming soon. Heck even our little 20lb king charles cavalier can jump in our current Jeep!
  17. Juggernaut Performance 2.7L Catch Can

    The length of the hoses on this setup are insane! Looks like they could put a catch can a few other places and gotten rid of most of that excessive hose length.
  18. Clearlidz - Clear top panels

    Super cool to look at and through but in reality you're just sitting in a greenhouse getting sun roasted.
  19. The Run Arounders (MIC, VIN, no date)

    Yes I would say the same thing based on speaking with my local dealer who has been very in tune with the Bronco rollout so far. I have a VIN and was told to look to October for updates and while I am almost guaranteed to receive a '21 model I might not receive it until early '22. Seems like this...