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  1. McCracken

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I got my $100 reservation money back today, I stopped today to pick up my plate, and they just gave me a $100 cash. Easy!
  2. Rear Cup Holder Solution using Molle Straps

    I also found this one just now. Double molle strap.
  3. Rear Cup Holder Solution using Molle Straps

    Single strap should be fine for this application, I would think. I liked that they fold up when not in use for when I have adults in the back seat and not just my kids/car seats.
  4. Rear Cup Holder Solution using Molle Straps

    I am planning on doing this too, but was looking at the Maxpedition version, technically it's a dump pouch, but the small version will hold a bottle like that, but it can fold up when not in use. I like 5.11 stuff, so I'll check those out too! Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch...
  5. Alternator outputs while coasting

    Mine is at 13.5V while idling right now, and was 14-14.5V on my drive to work. I never saw it drop below 14V while driving. All normal for me.
  6. Alternator outputs while coasting

    The alternator is operating any time the engine is running. I guess I'm confused by your statement...
  7. McCracken

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @JBaker42 sun was out in Cadillac today, probably last nice day for a while. Had the top down!
  8. McCracken

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Yea it does! You must not be in Michigan though, not much sun up here this time of year.
  9. Since a lot of people ask me if there's anything I don't like

    There is a built in Run Timer function as well, you can set a 30 minute timer and it will shut the Bronco down if left unattended. This won't help if you leave it running in a garage or anything (CO takes minutes to built up to dangerous levels), but a nice feature if you left it running when...
  10. 200,000 Ford Pass Rewards Eligibility?

    I'm pretty sure the dealer adds the 20,000 and the 200,000(if eligible) points to your account, I think mine told me he had applied them for me. The 42,000 points get added about a week after purchase automatically. In my case, my 20,000 and 200,000 points were added to my account before I...
  11. What's the part number for black Bronco tailgate emblem?

    I used the heat gun a little, and some floss, but I think fishing line would work better. Badge came right off, but most of the tape was left on the Bronco. I just pulled that off by hand, easy enough. Then cleaned the area with some detailing spray and stuck on the new one. It went better than...
  12. What's the part number for black Bronco tailgate emblem?

    I ordered mine from my dealer ($31.94+tax), had it the next week when I went to pick up my Bronco! Replaced it easy, used a little heat and floss to remove the old one, came off easy. New one went right on. I just taped all around the old one before removing it so I could line up the new one...
  13. More Bronco Swag Incoming from Ten10 Design

    It appears that way, I have this package coming and I have my Bronco...only time will tell if it actually gets delivered to me.
  14. Soft Top Care and Cleaning

    Can you share the felt roll and storage bag you use for the soft top windows? Also, you don't use any cleaners on the soft top windows, like Plexus or 210? Will those damage the soft top windows?
  15. What is this Bull Bar with Lights?

    More Ghostware from Ford. Someone will make this eventually, but I have not seen anything yet. Just a concept/prototype.
  16. More Bronco Swag Incoming from Ten10 Design

    I have one coming too, Anticipated Ship Date of 11/8. If it's anything like the last one, I might have it for Christmas...
  17. Soft Top Rattle

    I'd just use the Velcro straps any time the tops is back in either position. In the Pickens Party of 5 video, they had it all the way back and it was jumping up and down like crazy. So the latches must not be to robust.
  18. McCracken

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I think it's awesome they sent these pictures out, and I hope they continue to do so for all of those that haven't received their Bronco yet. I'll probably frame this!