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  1. Details & update for 2021 Bronco Badlands with steering rack failure on King of the Hill K2 Trail

    ...Ford marketed this vehicle with 37's. It's not as much if you can win, it's if a court would hear your argument. That would cost Ford way more money than just fixing it....
  2. What’s the best aftermarket rear bumper out there?

    4WP bumpers are best I’ve seen to date And have reasonable Pricing.
  3. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    I like a lot about this Warn bumper, but can't get over how wide and fat it is at the ends. Should stop just past the body, not all the way out to end of fender flares.
  4. Radar Detector Mirror mount and mirror tap

    Radenso Thiea is a pipe dream. Don’t trust them on this project. Valentin, Uniden, Passport have real options.
  5. Stereo Upgrade Price Quotes!!!

    Ha ha ha, I was quoted nine grand for integration, complete replacement with focal, and building a false floor for 13 1/2 inch subwoofer in the rear. This did include amplification, but this was utterly ridiculous.
  6. DV8 & ADD front bumper photos on Broncos at Off-Road Expo

    DV8 underbite is hideous.
  7. Addictive Desert Designs (ADD): Stealth Fighter Bumper for 2021+ Bronco

    Yep. I like it, just too expensive.
  8. 500 Mile Bronco Owner Review: Badlands on 37's with 3" lift

    The 4cyl will have no problems with 4.70 gears running 37's. Not even a flinch. The power plant can push 40's easy with the right gearing (suspension upgrades withstanding). All about the gears.
  9. ARCHETYPE RACING | RUTS - Ruggedized Utility Trail Sights

    Much sturdier mounting point for accessories.... glad you are tackling this as I thought of it myself.
  10. B&O and Base Speaker Size and Location

    BO will satisfy a simpleton ( no offense, it will do) . No lo and to speak of and it’s going to be tough to do anything worth a darn. The speaker location is just not optimal.
  11. B&O and Base Speaker Size and Location

    So, in the BO system, I replaced the corners (so far) with GS42 AudioFrog’s. Fronts are marginally better. Rears are markedly better. This system obviously relies on the center channel pretty heavily. I plan to replace that this week. Not sure how much the kick panels are going to contribute...
  12. Addictive Desert Designs Bumpers

    They might not care, but many rock folks do. Many of us are patiently waiting for an acceptable comprise
  13. ADV Full replacement "Bronco R" Fenders/Quarters sneak peek!

    Fit 37’s on Sasquatch with these ? Offset dependent.
  14. ADV Full replacement "Bronco R" Fenders/Quarters sneak peek!

    Peanut gallery is strong on the internets.
  15. Has anyone heard the actual B&O system in the bronco yet?

    I need someone todos YouTube vid of that sub replacement. :)
  16. Has anyone heard the actual B&O system in the bronco yet?

    I have it (bo). It isn’t terrible, but by no means is it great. Barely adequate IMO. in the process of upgrading to AudioFrog and other components. Just need to confirm 6.5 mounting depth.
  17. Good coilovers coming to market?

    Patiently waiting for a comprehensive lift for 37’s. Long travel rear only.
  18. 2.5 King Shocks ordered

    I want the Kings, but need a decent lift package to fit the 37’s. I’ll have to mall crawl until they become available.