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  1. Custom plate - reservation numbers

    Is Ford still providing sequential reservation numbers? I may have my plate set to my day 1 reservation number but if they are recoding it may look foolish for the forward looking years
  2. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Specific to convoy guys anyone getting meaningful updates on palsapp. From what I’ve seen here, many/most are simply ‘pending’. what updates does it actually provide? A stopover location when the driver pulls over with location and time?
  3. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Convoy north NJ. 9 day transit
  4. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Literally a minute later my pizza tracker updated to shipped. Just now. My pizza tracker did not show this 2 minutes ago. So it was probably some glitch of the systems updating. Caught it real time. That’s when you know your checking in too often lol. Sorry.
  5. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    @ICUGAZN no updates. HOWEVER i went on the 6G tracker this morning and it shows as In Transit. ONLY if my VIN is auto populated on my phone. I double checked it and manually typed out my VIN it shows Awaiting Shipment. Go figure. Nonetheless it’s a sign! autopopulated vin on my phone...
  6. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Yeah don’t know what to think. And your shipped email went out today? Wild.
  7. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Guess Ill give it another day or two then have the dealer reach out to palsapp to see if maybe there is an error/lag in the system. Palsapp will only provide info to the 'deliverer' and 'deliveree', not customers. That's the only remaining thing i could think of besides sitting back and hitting...
  8. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Well this was a huge confidence booster and good use of time
  9. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Called my dealer. They didnt have any more info than I am seeing, which is that I am awaiting shipment. They did say if there was something wrong, they would know. But they also said it may not be a logistics thing, and maybe I have a longer inspection for the MIC top, or that maybe I am waiting...
  10. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    @MinxShoals Nice! I am almost the last man standing at this point. Odd that it gave you conflicting data (estimated delivery date range vs average days to deliver in body of text). I wonder which one sets precedence I was about to notify my leasing company to start the process of getting out...
  11. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Really thought I’d wake up to a shipped email (or some other update per the trackers) after a few days of no confirmation. Nothing. I kind of told myself that if I didn’t get it by last night this could be a bigger problem. Looks like I should probably lob a call to the dealer and start hunting...
  12. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    @MateriaTattoo I am starting to think maybe that's why I didnt get a shipped email. I am 9 hours from MAP with a 10/14 blend, 10/18 production, 10/25-10/31 window, with a 9 day transit. Zero communication that it shipped. Maybe they de-prioritized me some, and got the rail Broncos and further...
  13. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    10/11 week guy here with some questions - Was anyone in the 10/4 group stuck in “awaiting shipment” for an extended period of time? If so, how long?…Or perhaps was your bronco delivered and the system was messed up and you never received confirmation from ford or palsapp that it went out for...
  14. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    We meet again lol
  15. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Still no shipment date on aem, or 'shipped' confirmation from ford or palsapp. Although aem recently updated yesterday with a populated transit date of 09 days. Eta is still showing 10/25-10/31, which is coming up realll soon. Hmmm. Maybe I end up being one of those guys that never get a shipped...
  16. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    Have you tried calling Ford too?
  17. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    We should keep each other in the loop. I even went as far as calling palsapp, but the wont convey any information to the customer, only the dealer.
  18. Ford Bronco Accessories Catalog w/ Part Numbers and Retail Pricing

    I am not seeing a the heavy duty bumper as a standalone option either
  19. ANTIMATTER BLUE Bronco Club

    Wow. So i guess none of the systems really registered it as being shipped, not even palsapp. It's almost like your bronco made the journey incognito. Sounds like I may be in the dark for a bit
  20. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Anyone here with a 10/14 blend / 10/18 produced NOT get a shipped email confirmation? *cry*