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  1. Delivery mileage

    Dirt Mountain 36.8
  2. 2022 pricing increase

    👍👍 It's all good. I wasn't trying to push you out of here just to guide you to where you could get a better answer.
  3. 2022 pricing increase

    Welcome to the forum. But just so you know, this is the full size 6 gen Bronco forum. Ignore the haters that may reply here. Here's the Sport forum where some people may have better information than here. $11,000 doesn't sound right to me. Did you possibly...
  4. Zone lightning video

    100% it comes with the high package. The side spot lights are nice. They light up a decent area. They do not. Zone lighting have 4 zones. The headlights, the reverse lights, then the lights on each mirror. They can be turned on in any combination.
  5. Shipping By Rail ETA accuracy

    Mine arrived about 3 weeks early. But there was at least one other Bronco for that dealership that got left at the rail yard for a week longer than mine. They get theirs today. As stated above. The hold up often seems to be getting them from the rail yard to the dealership due to transport...
  6. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    My insurance said they will be doing that for me. I'm hoping the post office had a camera that caught it.
  7. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I have not. Only started an insurance claim. I'll call them when I get home today. I'll probably end up having to go to the station to file a report.
  8. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    Good to hear that. Glad it worked out for you but also I now have hope the paint shades will match after the repair.
  9. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I actually didn't see the damage until I got home. It was dark out. I have already filed a claim and they are contacting the business to ask about camera footage. I'm also calling when I get out of work to tell them to also contact the post office next door. If they have outside cameras at the...
  10. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I do have the 360 cameras but unfortunately they don't do that. Luckily the rail saved the rocker panel.
  11. Mic 2.0 issue - photo

    Almost looks like something dripped in it. Then when it got wet it spread a little. What it was, I don't know. Mothers and some others make a cleaner specifically for trim. Stoners too.
  12. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    She's a looker! Real sharp. Gervais Ford really was great. John came in and thanked me personally. Kevin also made sure to stop in and say hi. Lance, the sales person, was great too. I'd recommend them for anyone in the area.
  13. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    Does your F150 have aluminum panels? I was told by a coworker today that when he went to get his F250 repaired and talked to Jim he said he was getting to old and wasn't doing aluminum panels. He ended up going to Clark's in Pepperell.
  14. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I don't usually back in actually. But just decided to that time and showing my son the surround view cameras. I've never considered backing in to Bea problem for others. Besides, this is from a bumper not a door I'm guessing.
  15. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I was near the outside edge of the lot. I'm not so sure they have any there. The place doesn't open until 7pm tonight. So I will call then. I was also next to the edge of a US Postal Service. I will be calling them too but I'm not so sure they will be much help.
  16. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I should. I have not yet. I regret not getting the bags for them. I'll probably not have them off until next spring.
  17. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    🙁 Exactly where I was. No one was even in the row. End spot. End row. Not on a corner. No cars around.
  18. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    🖕 It's actually a pretty large dent.
  19. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    Thank you. I've been checking on the forum to see your truck has arrived. Any word you will get it soon?
  20. Someone f#$%ing hit my Bronco!

    I actually own one but never moved it over to the Bronco yet. I've used it for 3 years and never caught anything but who was leaving their dog's shit in my campsite.