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  1. Told unable to wait till 2023 for white top

    Despite all the knee jerk reactions, there have been posts on this forum regarding Ford’s communication to dealers that unscheduled 2021 orders will/need to be converted to 2022 and would be 99’d by Ford. If you don’t want it built, leave it that way when you confirm your order. The comment...
  2. AMB gone so what are people picking instead ??

    Eruption green here, but I reserve the right to flip to Area 51.
  3. Badlands Vinyl interror ?
  4. Pictures of your Bronco with soft top down?
  5. Wildtrak Bronco Thread And a post:
  6. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    HA! Also an attorney, but hadn't made it to the FAQs yet. I went back and found my reservation email and clicked through to read the T&Cs again, which are . . . not favorable to our cause at all and do not appear to have been changed.
  7. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    This is just an example using a 4 door. Someone at Ford doesn’t know the difference between “i.e.” (that is) and “e.g.” (for example). The chart with price increases is not in the post.
  8. First Edition w/40 miles asking price $102,695!

    There is a used base model by me for $63k at a Volkswagen dealer . . .
  9. Question about Badlands flooring

    Four door leather only. Two doors have cup holders on the sides. Lux doesn’t matter.
  10. Wife not impressed - dream may be dead

    The plastic mirrors and door handles are ridiculous, but they seem to get a lot of love on here over body colored ones.
  11. When will I be able to place “the order”

    Are you talking about Chapman Ford? It's not a secret - they're on the forum.
  12. Wiring aftermarket interior lighting to work with factory lights?

    I'd be shocked if they were. I see a lot $150-300 upcharges for interior LED lighting on the B&P for other vehicles.
  13. OBX or Wildtrak?

    Wildtrak comes standard with Sasquatch package. Comes down to interior preference, whether you want the 2.3, and whether you like the blackout package (wheels, painted black mirrors, black emblem) and hood decal on the Wildtrak or the body colored mirrors on OBX.
  14. “Storing your vehicle” manual page 366

    Yes. They are aware and have a plan.