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  1. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    This is my favorite thread.
  2. Latest reservation date with a VIN?

    I’m probably going to need baby wipes
  3. Latest reservation date with a VIN?

    You guys have given me tremendous hope. I sure hope Ford doesn’t take a dump on it.
  4. Latest reservation date with a VIN?

    I think you may of just convinced me to pull the trigger. I’ll order the MIC top when they become available. Did you plan to as well?
  5. Latest reservation date with a VIN?

    That’s pretty sweet man. Nice. I’m definitely considering making the switch to a soft top.
  6. Latest reservation date with a VIN?

    Well first of all, that’s my birthday so cool. Second of all, like Brongo said - what’s your build?
  7. Latest reservation date with a VIN?

    I’m sure I'm not alone, but as a later reservation holder I’d like to track down the latest reservation date that’s been assigned a VIN. Any post-July reservation holders with VINs? Post-August even?
  8. Is it boujie that I don’t want the dealership to wash my FE when it comes in?

    Yep. Just let them know. And no you are not bougie for not wanting your Bronco’s body converted in little scratches from whatever leftover debris was on their fiber rags.
  9. Bronco order questions

    1.) Prior to your order being placed, you can view details regarding your reservation in that dashboard. Once that reservation is converted, reservation date and number are replaced with order date and number. Meanwhile the link that used to allow you to ‘View’ is replaced with ‘Contact Dealer’...
  10. Black Diamond 4-Door Bronco Delivered! Surprise from the Wild and Wonderful State! Buying experience and owner first impressions.

    This was a great overview/report of your guys’ experience with the process. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thank you, Bronco6g (Apple Ford in MD = No communications)

    That is both hilarious and terribly sad because I wouldn’t be surprised either.
  12. Thank you, Bronco6g (Apple Ford in MD = No communications)

    DUDE. I reserved/ordered with Apple Ford too. I have to say, every single complaint of yours.. I can attest to. I just posted about having been given the incorrect VIN back in May and not informed of said mistake until yesterday and guess who was responsible? The lovely folks at AF. After not...
  13. Want to hear something hilarious?

    Thankfully I haven’t sold the vehicle. A bigger down payment is probably the only upside of all of this. Not only for myself, but likely everyone else in the midst of saving.
  14. Want to hear something hilarious?

    This definitely crossed my mind.
  15. Want to hear something hilarious?

    Back in May my dealer emailed me my VIN number and scheduled production week. Excited to have been so lucky, I began making plans to sell my current vehicle, doubled my savings plan for a down payment, and generally did what you’d do in a situation like this. This week after speaking with them...
  16. Purchase Agreements?

    Sounds like it, but I’d feel more confident having signed something. I’ve already looked into state limitations on doc fees, estimated sales tax, etc. So outside of the MSRP I’m hoping there won’t be too many surprises.
  17. Purchase Agreements?

    Yikes man. It seems you might be one of those individuals that would rather make other people feel bad for not having done what he’s done, as opposed to passing on some constructive or helpful insight. In which case there’s no point to this conversation.
  18. Purchase Agreements?

    Sigh. No. I was sent an itemized order summary with all corresponding costs associated with the vehicle. What I didn’t do was sign a purchase agreement that would include that number accompanied by any other additional fees.
  19. Purchase Agreements?

    Yep. This is what I was given, which has been my only gauge for price thus far (of course with expected doc fees, processing fees, tax, registration/tag/title, etc.).