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  1. Broncos showing up at dealers

    But what would you honestly expect them to do if they were customer orders that were no longer wanted? Let the Broncos sit on the lot taking up real estate space while they pay the insurance on it to just sit there? While it wouldn't be fair to those who are waiting for their order, it would be...
  2. Ford pushing for $500 deposit, confirmation to come soon

    My dealer has already emailed saying they wont be collecting any more money up front.
  3. lux package and high end accident avoidance/bumper swapping

    That was a question I had too. If we order a Bronco that comes with the reverse and forward sensing, what happens if we want to swap the bumpers? Do we lose that function? Do we have to have holes drilled in the new bumped to push the sensors back into the bumper?
  4. Why would Ford tease use with Warthog prototype when orders will be taken next month?

    Why would Ford tease you? Hmmm. White top option shown but not offered? Rear pull out tray shown but not offered? Originally no manual offered with Sasquatch package. Then to get manual tranny and mid package you have to option all the way to the Badlands model and spend more. No manual tranny...
  5. Bronco Big Bend vs Jeep Wrangler Willy's

    My beef with Wrangler is that you have to go all the way to Rubicon to get lockers and then you get both lockers. Why does Jeep not offer maybe a rear locker on the Sahara and both lockers on the Rubicon? There is no middle ground. Huge allure with Bronco for that. Agree that the Jeep is easier...
  6. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    I think the main reason is cost to develop the product and then lack of interest in the consumer. Yes, there are a niche of people that want a manual transmission, but the overwhelming preference is the automatic. So likely the cost to produce it isn't worth the amount they would actually sell...
  7. Why would Ford tease use with Warthog prototype when orders will be taken next month?

    Agree with Victory. Not worth the 72k you are pissing away. Not even sure you could spec if that expensive.
  8. Should Ford implement limited custom color program?

    Or take that premium you are paying and get a high quality paint job. /shrug
  9. 2021 Ford Bronco Frozen To Negative 35 Degrees For Santa Claus

    I loved this. Made my day. Thanks for posting it.
  10. Dust Infiltration Test Video

    I think if im signed up to buy a 50k car, im entitled to know how it did in pre-production tests.
  11. Dust Infiltration Test Video

    What good is the test without knowing the result. Anyone?
  12. Area 51 paint issue!!

    Looks close to me. This color changes drastically (along with Cactus Grey) in different lighting.
  13. Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    You must be way behind in your research. You CAN get the MT with sasquatch. Its just a late 2021 delivery and you cant select it through B&P right now. Watch "2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package with the 7-Speed Manual Transmission" on YouTube
  14. Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    Been driving a manual for 16 years. Me personally, its the only way for me to consider. It kills me i have to give up the V6 engine and it kills me i have to pay more than i want to and get the Badlands to have the mid package in a manual tranny, but again, the manual tranny is a must have.
  15. ? Bronco WildTrak Area 51 w/ Soft Top

    Killin it girl. I appreciated the undercarriage picture.
  16. CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    I think I have settled on a 4 door Badmansquatch in CG. I swung Antimatter Blue for a hot minute but kept being disappointed at how dark it almost always looked even though I love when its lit up and the metallic flake is sparkling.
  17. When Exactly in December do we go to the Dealership to Place our Order for the Bronco?

    I contacted my dealer today. Honestly, I don't think they know the exact date. My dealer, who has been very open and transparent with me on information, told me they hadn't yet received the DIO options list and all the options available for order. He also didn't have an exact date in December...