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  1. Ford rear cargo liner and molle system installed

    Rear door molle setup looks cool. I wish they had something similar for my Land Rover Defender, I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  2. Dealer just delivered my new Area 51 Badlands!!!!! ;)

    And cheesy plastic interior. I'll see myself out now...
  3. Bronco vs Rivian R1T Pics!

    My God the 4-door Bronco is awkward without Sasquatch pack. Like, seriously ugly.
  4. 2021 Bronco snaps both tie rods valiantly on extreme obstacle (Queens Throne obstacle on K2 trail)

    I guess I just don't understand the point of just driving up stuff just to do it. The 4 x 4 exists to get me where I want to go. I'm not going to just take a truck out and flog it to see if I can drive over something. I think of it kind of like going to the gym and doing crazy ballistic...
  5. Ok, what did I miss--there is a factory soft top for 2-doors?

    Well that is super deceiving. It is in the section of the build and price with all the roof options, NOT in the accessories section. Explains the price though as s soft top in place of a hard top would probably be zero cost or even a few hundred credit.
  6. Ok, what did I miss--there is a factory soft top for 2-doors?

    I understand the 2022 Build and Price is not up yet. However, I recently took note of the fact that, whilst wasting some time on the inter webs, I was building a 2-door Black Diamond and came across the option for a factory soft top and mesh screen option. It was $2,000 if I recall correctly...
  7. Baja Designs S2 Reverse Kit Installed

    Cool I guess. But that looks like an additional pain in the arse if you need the spare. Also, if you wanted these for the trail, would it not be preferable to have them activated by a switch? I imagine there are scenarios in which you would want these on and NOT be in reverse. Which brings me to...
  8. Performance Enhancements?

    Let me pour some cold water on this thread. Ford is highly unlikely to release a tune for the 2.3 that has it stepping all over the toes of its 2.7. They are fine with it for the Ranger because there is no engine upgrade path for the consumer. They are also unlikely to release any factory...
  9. Timberline Bronco thoughts?

    So ‘Timberline’ is a faux offroad pack so they now have to take their most offroad-capable vehicle and make it less so?
  10. Stock 2.7L Badlands on a Dyno Henessey Performance

    I wouldn't be so sure about that. The 10R60 is rated for 424 lb-ft when paired with the 2.7. The truck is close enough in stock form to what the engineers are comfortable with, which I'm sure is a bit over the 'official' output rating. That said, guys tuning theses things to the outer limits...
  11. Stock 2.7L Badlands on a Dyno Henessey Performance

    Can't wait to see all of the threads about owners bitching and whining that their tuned Bronco grenaded the transmission and Ford won't warranty it. All these geniuses think they will just uninstall the tune and take it to the dealer claiming they were just driving 5 under on the way to church...
  12. Magnaflow Axle back Exhaust for 2.7 Bronco released

    I know it's inevitable with the popularity of the Bronco and the, umm, ahem...lack of 'taste' that the off-road crowd is given to but, please, please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do not attempt to make your V6 EcoBoost sound 'good'. It won't. Not ever. No matter what you do to it. The Raptor bros have...
  13. Tested out towing a 2900 lbs trailer with 2.7 Badlands w/ tow package

    That little thing weighs 2900 pounds!? I have a 20' R-pod that I have pared down to 3150 without water and propane onboard. Looks nice and level, do you know your tongue weight? I am assuming around 350 pounds. Looks like the Bronc rear suspension is taking it like a champ.
  14. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    Jesus. The new Bronco is really going to be the new "it" car for people with no taste to customize. I can already see it happening. Funny how some models attract people with absolutely no aesthetic sense.
  15. Photoshoot: Same Heart 50 Years Apart. The Soul of the Bronco Lives On

    Good to see that Ford has not advanced their standards for how well a vehicle's soft top should fit in the last 50 freaking years. Those tops look awful from new. I can only imagine what one will look like a couple of years in on a vehicle that sits outside. What a joke.
  16. Does the 2.7 have any turbo whistle?

    Ford ecoboost engines do not use "blow-off valves". They use a bypass valve that will recirculate pressurized air back to the intake.
  17. 2.7L Bronco MBRP exhaust sound clip

    If you want your 2.7 or 2.3 to sound good, turn the ignition off.
  18. Arrival of First Edition 4-Door and Wildtrak 2-Door Mannequin @ Granger

    Am I the only one annoyed by the term "mannequin" to refer to a dealer demo? So much douchery surrounding the Bronco world and it just started.
  19. 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition - A Closer Look (Dedicated Thread for All Things Heritage)

    As a contrast, Porsche unveiled the 911 GT3 Touring last week. The configurator was up the same day and worked flawlessly. My dealer knew how many allocations they had, I paid them some money, put in my order with no restrictions/constraints and now I will wait approximately 120 days for my...