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  1. What’s your new Bronco break in strategy?

    i see what u did there haha
  2. What's in your driveway?

    Trynna sell one, then trade the other in for bronco. I’m torn on raptor being gone, I’ve hesitated the bronco and changed from MY21 to a MY22 since I can’t decide. :(
  3. Shadow Black Wildtrak Pic

    My favorite color forsure @utah.bronco
  4. B&P: 3 New Modular Tops Options - Big Bend and upper trims only

    Doesn’t let me choose option but it’s here I guess
  5. Going with Plan Z after the build and price update. did this happen to you aswell???

    Not sure if the update is final, probably not this made me realize I had to make a new plan, scratch plan b and c I wanted Base Squatch, but after update and the price hike, I was thinking of just looking elsewhere. (ZR2 rado *cough cough*) but i really want my bronco :( so now my new plan is...
  6. Almost $4000 price upgrade...

    colorado zr2 looking great as the days go by
  7. Fastback Soft Top spotted on 2021 Bronco!

    if they make a hardtop, even if MIC grey, Im taking this instead!!!!!
  8. How long will you keep your Bronco?

    To be honest, only a year I only keep my cars for a year Before you come reply giving your opinion about my financial preferences. Pls stop, and continue; heard it before Anyways yes a year, 12-15k miles
  9. What are you going to do with your "free" $300 from FordPass?

    might use it for running boards!
  10. Are you ready to order? What decisions do you have left?

    Well, If i can order now it be best, i went from a Base squatch to wildtrak then back to base then badlands, now back to base, I need to place my order now before i keep changing my mind, i need a car next october so im okay with waiting and saving, but not sure if i will be getting one 2021...
  11. If I had a $1 everytime someone asked if the 2.3 was enough...

    haha, some may need a lift and spacers to fit
  12. If I had a $1 everytime someone asked if the 2.3 was enough...

    i had a performance package mustang with the 2.3L and 10 speed, it was perfect, i miss it now, sold it for the bronco
  13. If I had a $1 everytime someone asked if the 2.3 was enough...

    its like asking if 3 inches is enough... is it? :(
  14. What sort of weird things are you cross shopping the bronco with?

    looking at a wrangler unlimited, range rover evoque, dodge charger, ford raptor
  15. How much money down y’all putting?

    Which bank is this offering .9%
  16. How much money down y’all putting?

    It’s about 9 percent tax in Cali
  17. Everyone asking if you can fit 35s on ur bronco without Squatch

    This reminded me of bronco6g haha
  18. Should I Buy a Bronco Sport while I wait for Big Bronco

    Ur right, My credit 780 so I don’t mind any inquiries but I will think about it Thanks!