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  1. Changed out standard bumper for Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper.

    Looking at the picture those mounts that the tow hooks are welded to are removable(to drop out radiator/intercooler if needs replaceing)as there is bolts holding bracket in place to the frame so my guess that you swap out these for a bronco equiment with the heavy duty bumper or order those...
  2. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    The point of the fixing bolts it can be removed if someone does not like it the original or this design simplys.Haveing at a angle would still block the bronco badge. This is what happens when the only options is make it lower or higher to satisfy the people that need to able to show they are...
  3. Ford Bronco rep further confirms bull bar / brush guard will be redesigned for production

    Totally agree! For all the people that hate it there is 1 simple answer just remove it if you get it on your trim thats the point of the bronco bolts simply!
  4. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    I can guarantee someone will try to wash the whole interior (i would only use a sponge my self to wash plastics drain floors area if I wanted it totally clean a bucket of clean water tipped very slowely over the plastic drain floor) with a hose then try to claim it not a wash out interiors I...
  5. Bronco Order Conversion Stats Sample

    And of course it will be the dealerships fault and while there is bad dealerships out there this does not help the good ones when people just come in angry even when its not the dealerships fault that will be another bad review
  6. 4 Good Bronco Videos From KOH - 70 MPH in Baja Mode, Trail Turn, Sway Bar, Rear Legroom

    I wonder if just stuff that been thrown in the back or the jack or the wheel brace thats sits in the hole in the rear was no securely held down
  7. KOH Bronco video coverage by Exodus 4x4

    I would say yes for a start this does not have leaf srings on the rear so thats makes it a lot better as more based on the Ranger Raptor on the rear and after watching the video considering the terine and the speed they where going over the passenger communicated how smooth its was.
  8. KOH Bronco video coverage by Exodus 4x4

    I guess Its probably something people might want to think about depending on what your plan is on use .The bilstein dampers with End stop valve is probably a better suspension set up for high speed desert raceing smoother over humps and ridges and mayebe a advantage in rock crawling .Standard...
  9. Spotted Bronco BASE Hardtop 2-Door in the wild! [Video]

    The base trim is a good idea for people that want to make the perfect bronco they want useing the aftermarket options. Giveing people choice is a good thing just becuase it does not suite everbody does not make it a bad idea.
  10. Ford Ordering Email received today

    Always check all emails including spam!
  11. 2021 Bronco spotted with hitch bike rack (Yakima)

    It does say at the start there are shorter versions.
  12. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    I am pretty sure the edges that arent totally totally true who is going to look up and that close and I am pretty sure when they join togather that edge of the material is where the rumber seal sits between the panels so no one probably can see anywhere.
  13. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    Also I wonder if when the panels lock in place those edges where the locks are hidden anyway out of sight.Also how many people are going to look that hard?
  14. Sound deadening headliner on Bronco top (first photos)

    Its Strange thing is that in the third picture there are two panels my guess left and right.The one on the ground the edges are straight and look near perfect but the one in the bronco boot area has that one wonkey edge so I wonder if its actually just how the edges have been glued to the roof.
  15. Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager

    I thought the pull tray that's being offered does level out the floor so there is no height difference or very small?.
  16. Broncos in the Shipping Yard! ⛽??

    The problem if you had that slight angle from back to windshield then you would cut into headroom.
  17. Walkaround video of Outer Banks Sasquatch in Carbonized Gray Exterior & Roast Interior

    Sorry but i cant see how they failed the 4 door has vents.Yes the 2 door version does not come with them but there must be reason for not being able to put them under the seat as well.
  18. Walkaround video of Outer Banks Sasquatch in Carbonized Gray Exterior & Roast Interior

    So if they put two vents in the back of a counsel thats good enough for a 50k rig but putting them under the seats is not good enough even though most people just assume that idea does not work good enough.