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  1. Regretting order?

    You can easily change your order. I changed my 2021 order about 5 times and have already changed my 2022 order once. I told my dealer that Ford can get me to stop changing things by scheduling me ASAP.
  2. Help with Purchasing Decision

    Personally, go for the big bend with mid package and sasquatch. I decided against any package higher than mid and think the investment in the 2.7 and sasquatch is better than an investment in what the OBX is offering. You can even add the signature lights to big bend if desired. The Big Bend...
  3. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    Thanks. Is it the matte dark grey? Not seeing a silver option currently.
  4. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    OP or Maxlider: What color stripe is that? Is that gunmetal?
  5. Revealed: Custom Build Broncos to Debut at SEMA 2021

    Things have progressed from "Ford and partners make things that we want and can't have" to "Ford and partners make things that we don't want and can't have".
  6. RACE RED Bronco Club

    Awesome. Thanks. In the sun in the pics, it REALLY looks gray. Very nice look.
  7. RACE RED Bronco Club

    Is this the Maxlider stripe or another company? Mind telling me the color? Maxlider has 3 different grayish colors and it's hard to tell the difference. This may be the gunmetal option?
  8. Feeling Green? What color are you leaving behind on your 22 order?

    I selected Green when I reordered last week, but something keeps drawing me to Oxford White. Not sure what I'll do.
  9. Area 51 Xpel STEALTH PPF Wrapped - Wrapthor

    I was just quoted $7k for this in Nashville. With no extras. Just XPEL stealth.
  10. Build and price not matching order MSRP

    Nice. I'm sure that worked great for both you and the customer. As purely a shopper, with no experience as a salesman, I usually respond with "I'm uninterested in the payment and just want to talk about the bottom line".
  11. Stripes for Bronco installed

    Thinking about adding a similar (maybe off white) stripe to my green bronco. Thanks for posting.
  12. Build and price not matching order MSRP

    Reminds me of the classic car dealer phrase of "up to". Dealer: "What payment are you looking for?" Buyer: "Around $400 a month." Dealer: "Up to?"
  13. Build and price not matching order MSRP

    That rounded figure on the ordering screen sure makes it look like your dealer is adding a 15% markup. Also, STARTING at $62,250?
  14. 2022 Bronco Pricing Spreadsheet w/ Accessories

    Thanks for this! Due to Ford issues, I think you've still got issues with Badlands package pricing. Your spreadsheet shows the standard and mid packages as both being NC. The B&P adds a $1495 upcharge for the mid package on the 4 door. Update, I fixed this for myself by adding pricing for Mid...
  15. Bronco Raptors galore spotted in Breckenridge, CO

    That's awesome. Here we are offroading in our very comfortable but uncapable Telluride.
  16. Bronco Raptors galore spotted in Breckenridge, CO

    We got to the top this morning around 9:30am, right as the snow storm started. Then we headed back to Breckenridge. Didn't want to be stuck far away from "home" without 4wd at 11,000 ft in the snow. Had a blast though.
  17. Bronco Raptors galore spotted in Breckenridge, CO

    Today I kept reminding them how much easier and more comfortable the Bronco will be offroading, as we were crossing Boreas Pass in our FWD Kia Telluride.
  18. Bronco Raptors galore spotted in Breckenridge, CO

    My wife and kids are annoyed at me because I keep driving past that row of parked raptors daily (while on vacation). They'll get over it.
  19. Bronco Raptors galore spotted in Breckenridge, CO

    Saw a Bronco Raptor in disguise today in Breckenridge. Then I did a little digging and found the whole crew. Ranger Raptors, multiple Bronco Raptors, etc. Those guys/gals must be living the dream. Credit to @Cleecvt1 for the additional closeup photos!
  20. Maxlider Style First Edition Bronco build delivered

    Two Rivers customer here. Did they install the stripe etc for you?