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  1. Thank you..Brian F, Andrew F, Don,Tony and everyone at Woody Anderson Ford Huntsville Alabama

    WTF??? That’s IT. I’m leave a zero star review. Don’t worry, we got your back!! Wait … your dealer delivered your Bronco to you, the original reservation holder? No social media campaign necessary?? No lawsuit threats? I’m so confused. Kidding, of course, but I did have a millisecond flash of...
  2. Picking Up Bronco Friday! Dealer insisted on financing

    It sounds like the least damaging of the recent last minute dealer shenanigans, but still a shenanigan. If the dealer has stipulations, it is up to them to make those known up front. This stuff needs to stop.
  3. MAP & ISA Employees Talk and Show Some Bronco Builds (As Promised). Thank You!

    Great video. I love seeing the pride. Meanwhile, at Webasto …
  4. $5k Dealer Markup unless financed through them

    First, I’d change dealers if possible. If not, get a copy of the financing terms. A dealer that does that might have prepayment penalties, terrible rates, and who know what else.
  5. Build and Price adding $3k - is this from dealer??

    Tell your dealer to shove it. But, glad it’s showing the final price on Ford’s website. This was long overdue.
  6. The Dog Thread 🐾

    Minzi staring out the window, waiting for her Bronco.
  7. dealer adding ADM

    No. Only a moral compass. So ... nothing. I would tell the dealer you want MSRP in writing, or your will move your reservation. It could work.
  8. Emotional journey has ended

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope the Bronco starts a new chapter in life, full of new memories and adventures.
  9. $15K Price Increase From Dealer Over MSRP Scam

    We’re a super pissed off group right now. Please post names.
  10. #ReservationsoverAllocations

    I don't use Twitter, but has anyone tagged people like Jim Morrison, head of N.A. Jeep? He recently poked Ford in the ribs over the hard top debacle. Jeep could troll Ford big time over this. "Jeep names Ford, 'Wrangler salesperson of the month'" "Ford copied our Wrangler in every way, except...
  11. #ReservationsoverAllocations

    "Thank you for calling Ford Bronco Marketing, but we are experiencing higher than expected call volume ..." HAHAHA. I bet. "... your call will be answered in the order it was received" I finally got through. FYI, the direct line is 800-334-4375. The lady was pleasant, and we talked for...
  12. #endallocationoverreservation

    There are several people tagging with #reservationsoverallocations. The more virtual pitchforks, the better.
  13. Thank You Granger Ford! And an idea.

    Here is a quote from Jay that shows the artwork:
  14. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    2022 should be 100% fulfilling existing reservations. It’s not that hard. Save the math for 2023.
  15. ICON Rebound Pro Wheels with InnerLock Bead Retention Technology

    Those look great! When checking your fitment guide though, it says that it is not compatible with the Bronco. Will you be releasing a version for us?
  16. Driver Error?

    That’s a very independent front end set up.
  17. Stig stickers

    … and $10 if that person doesn’t post pics.